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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Capture Base

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Capture BaseEdit


Karl: We picked up a favorite chassis of mine on salvage. An Uziel. It’s a real workhorse. I don’t know if you used these in the Clan wars, but they’re very interesting designs. It’s a good mix of speed, armor, and weapons. Can’t pack the power of a heavier chassis, but in her class, she’s a very flexible fighter. Needs a little electrical work, but I’ll have it ready before your next mission, if you want to try it. I think you’ll find it a very versatile ‘Mech.

Gonzales: Sorry, Ian. I don’t know where the Colonel is. I had intermittent readings for about twenty klicks, and they just converged. Two Lances. The Colonel ordered me to head north with the convoy. He split off to try and pull ‘em away. Sorry.

Ian: Thank you, Jules.

Rathburn: I’m sorry, sir. We just received this transmission. I thought everyone should see it. I’ll be in my quarters.

Burke: This is Duncan Burke. This message is directed to the survivors of the late Sir Peter Dresari’s renegade lance. That’s right. The late Sir Peter. I’d hoped he’d be more of a challenge, but he ejected before I was more than halfway through with him. Lot of good it did. He and his escape pod are scattered over the better part of a kilometer. Messy. Your leader has wasted lives, his and yours, on a painfully obvious target. The only thing of value in this miserable wasteland is that satellite control facility. It’s now on full alert. So, go ahead and batter yourselves against it. The local troops could use the target practice. You’re finished. I’d stay to help them hunt you down, but frankly, Sir Peter was the best sport you had to offer. I can hardly imagine the rest of you will be a challenge worthy of my time. Burke out.

Casey: Sir, I’d like to volunteer to lead any other volunteers to go wipe that smile off that tank driver’s face with my ‘Mech’s foot. We have the transmission coordinates, right?

Jen: I say we go find out how Burke fights when the odds are a little more even.

Gonzales: Negative! Negative. No one wants that goon more than I do, but the Colonel had me split off for a reason. He wasn’t stupid. He knew what would happen. He knew he was outgunned. The Colonel brought those techs across two continents and gave his life to execute a plan. We need to do our part, or he threw his life away for nothing. I intend to follow through whether that damn facility is on alert or not.


Capture Base: We have an opportunity to strike at Steiner forces, drive them out of the region, and get a little revenge. An added bonus will be the capture of their launch facilities and satellite control. The war is starting to turn. Let’s make this count.


Ian: Control, we’re nearing the base.

Rathburn: Roger, Omega. The tech convoy will wait on the perimeter until you can clear the base defenses near the control center. Once they start the run, you’ll have to protect them and defend the center from any counterattack.

Ian: Sounds simple enough.

Rathburn: The base is heavily fortified. They’ll be on full alert, and we know they’ve called in additional units. It won’t be simple. Five hundred meters to mission area. Tech convoy, hold position.

Michaels: Roger, Control. We’ll hold here. Good luck, Omega.

Rathburn: Omega Support, hold at four kilometers.

Omega Support: Roger, holding at four.

Rathburn: This is it, Ian. It’s up to your team. Good luck.

Ian: Let’s go!


Casey: For the Colonel!

Ian: That’s it! Michaels, get the convoy in here! We’ll provide cover.

Michaels: Affirmative, sir. We’re headed in.

Michaels: We’re at the center. Give us a few minutes to secure the facility.

Michaels: Omega, we’re clearing out the last of the armed resistance. It’s gonna take a few minutes.

Ian: Roger that, Michaels.

Rathburn: Ian, we’re picking up enemy units inbound. Stand by to repel an attack. It might be…pretty heavy.

Ian: I can hardly wait.

Gonzales: C’mon!

Michaels: Omega, we’ve managed to get control of the base’s turret fire control. We’ll lock out your ‘Mechs and start targeting Steiner units with what’s left of the turrets.

Ian: Roger, Sergeant. Good work.

Casey: Those launch vehicles could do a lot of damage if you’re near one when it explodes.

Gonzales: Maybe we could use those rockets to our advantage. Take out a ‘Mech with one shot if he was close enough when it detonated.

Michaels: This is Michaels. We’ve got control! The satellite network is ours.

Rathburn: Verified. I’m getting data feed. You did it.

Ian: We’re not out of the woods yet.

Casey: I’ll say. Here comes a second wave.

Michaels: This is Michaels at sat control. We’re showing a clear scope. We’ve got nothing for fifty klicks. I think you got 'em all.

Rathburn: Confirmed. You did it, Omega. The base is ours. DropShip inbound. Salvage, move in and see what you can recover. Window – six hours. Sergeant, you’re now in command of their satellite network. I just hope this was worth what it cost us.

Michaels: It will be, Major. Steiner can’t track your moves, and I’ll be able to give you position and analysis on every target on Kentares. It’s gonna make all the difference.

DropShip Two: This is DropShip Two. We’re touching down.

Rathburn: Acknowledged. Omega Lance, return to DropShip.

Casey: Not soon enough for me.

Gonzales: Too soon for my taste.

Ian: I thought you didn’t want vengeance, Jules.

Gonzales: I wanted it more than anybody. But the Colonel would’ve wanted us to finish what we started.