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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Liberate Camp

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Liberate CampEdit


Rathburn: Sir, one of the prisoners on that convoy wanted to speak to you. She’s a MechWarrior who served in the Forward Guard. Pretty solid record. Name: Terra Risner.

Ian: Patch her through.

Terra: Commander, I want to thank you for the rescue. I just found out what was going to happen to us.

Ian: I’m just glad I was in a position to stop it.

Terra: Commander, I watched my entire Lance slaughtered, and just came a few hours from being executed. I’d like a chance for some payback. If your group is pushing through the desert, you’ll be encountering all the Steiner slime, and I’d…

Ian: Sergeant! Major Rathburn tells me you have a solid record. The Forward Guards were elite. We could use you. But not if you’re on some vengeance quest. You can hate Steiner all you want, but you need to stay focused on mission objectives or there’s no room for you.

Terra: Understood, Commander. Not a problem, sir.

Ian: Get yourself cleaned up and checked out by medical. Welcome aboard, Sergeant. I look forward to serving with you.

Terra: Yes, sir.

Rathburn: Sir, I haven’t been able to locate the prisoner of war camp, but we have to move on. Comm intercepts indicate that Steiner is moving in a strikeforce by ship. Once they arrive, we’ll be significantly outnumbered.

Ian: What about Kulin’s threat to start executing his prisoners?

Rathburn: Given his military record, sir, I have no reason to doubt him.

Ian: Then we’re not leaving the region without freeing them.

Rathburn: Without knowing where they are, that’ll prove rather difficult, sir. I don’t like it any more than you do, sir, but we’ve run out of time. I’m sorry.

Ian: Give me your best guess, Elise. Where’s the camp?

Rathburn: Excuse me, sir, best guess? Best guesses are no basis for mission planning!

Ian: You’re wrong, Major. Sometimes they’re all you’ve got.

Rathburn: Without additional data, sir, there’s no way we can…

Ian: Your best guess, Major! That’s a direct order!

Rathburn: Yes, sir. I picked up some unusual transmissions from this location last night. I haven’t been able to get satellite imagery yet, but there are old records of an abandoned Davion base in the vicinity. The topography in the area would make it ideal. Nowhere to run, very defendable, very difficult to assault. I’ve asked the resistance to fly recon over the location, but they lost contact before they reported anything. I’ve eliminated almost every other location I can find. That’s all I have.

Ian: How long before Steiner has their reinforcements in the region?

Rathburn: Best guess, sir? Six hours.

Ian: Contact my sister and arrange for whatever forces the resistance can put together on short notice to meet me at an appropriate staging location as soon as possible. If your best guess proves to be wrong, Major, we’ll move on…after I check it out.

Rathburn: Yes, sir.

Rathburn: Sir, I’m receiving a comm from your cousin, William. He’s asking to speak to you.

Ian: If I answer, is there any chance of being located?

Rathburn: Negative. I’m bouncing the signal.

Ian: Patch him through.

William: Ah, cousin. So you’ve been heading up this insurrection after dear uncle Peter finally got what was coming to him. Makes sense. You always were a nagging little thorn in my side.

Ian: Why don’t you come try to pluck me out, then?

William: Oh, I will, Ian. Or someone else will. It’s really not important who. Or, you could just get off this rock and we’ll forget the whole thing. If you just disappeared, I wouldn’t pursue the matter. In the spirit of family, you understand. It’s not as if you haven’t disappeared before.

Ian: You helped Steiner murder our family!

William: All I did was recognize superior strength when I saw it. House Steiner was going to take over Kentares IV, and I simply put myself in a position to benefit by it. Come on. It’s not worth dying over, is it? This little uprising of yours?

Ian: Yes, William, it is. But when I get to you, you’ll be the one dying.

William: Oh, cousin, please. I’ve beaten you at everything since we were children. I will again. But you won’t live that long, Ian. Give it up. You could still make it out of here alive.

Ian: You won’t, William. I am coming for you.

Ian: Yes Sergeant?

Terra: Commander, you’ve had a lot of missions where speed and stealth have been significant. Not the least of which was the one that got me out of that convoy. I think those have been good tactics, sir, but I don’t think they’re my personal strong suits. We’re going to be facing some serious resistance coming up, and I’d like to get in a little closer and start confronting targets with more firepower. Now, I realize that it’s not everyone’s style, sir, but I’ve had good luck with larger ‘Mechs with as many weapons as I can carry. Maybe a tactic we should favor. I…I guess I’m not much for subtlety.

Ian: We’re a little short on Atlases right now, Terra, but I’ll keep in mind that you tend to follow the direct approach.

Terra: Thanks, commander. I understand that it isn’t always the right tactic, but it is the way I’ve been taught to fight.


Liberate Prisoner Camp: We have obtained reliable information regarding the location of the Steiner prisoner camp. Resistance will be strong, but we need to strike at this camp and liberate the prisoners. Be prepared for fierce fighting involving the largest ‘Mechs you have seen to this point.


Rathburn: Omega Lead, this is Control.

Ian: Omega Lead, Control. Go ahead.

Rathburn: I’ve uploaded all the Nav data we have. The resistance is deploying forward observation units. We should start getting reports soon. Establish contact, and rendezvous with resistance Lance Denali for updates.

Ian: Roger, Control. Denali Lead, this is Omega Lead.

Denali: Roger, Omega. This is Denali Lead. We’re holding position for rendezvous at Delta. Be advised, I may get company. Forward observers have picked up a Steiner ‘Mech group near my location. I’ll let you know when Forward updates.

Ian: Roger, Denali. We’ll hook up with you at Delta and watch out for contacts.

Gonzales: ‘Mechs in the area is a good sign. Steiner doesn’t have enough units to patrol a bandit fort.

Resistance Control: Archer to Ground. See if you can spot out those turret control stations.

Denali: Looks like ground defenses are pretty tight.

F25: This is Foxtrot Two-Five in position. Looks like this is the place. The whole mountaintop is full of enemy units. We’ve got what looks like…four groups of prisoner barracks. Lot of enemy defenses. ‘Mechs, trucks, and turrets.

Resistance Control: Roger, Two-Five. Denali, provide support for Omega. Neutralize all defenses and the guard towers at each of the barracks.

Denali: Roger RC. Omega, you copy?

Ian: Roger, copy.

Denali: Good to see you, Omega. I’m Lieutenant Troutman, Denali Lead. Our units are at your disposal. We can head straight to the front at Nav Alpha, but we might face fewer defenses if we circle around back and find a way up where it’s less guarded. We’ll follow your lead.

Ian: Roger, Denali.

Terra: This is Risner, Commander. Let’s go in the front door. We need to clear out the business as fast as possible.

F25: This is Foxtrot Two-Five. Assault group taking fire. Base is on full alert.

Ground: Denali, Ground here. We’re going to have to hold here until some of those mobiles are cleared.

F27: This is Foxtrot Two-Seven. We’ve got a lance of Steiner elites inbound on you. Lance ID designated “Mantis.”

Resistance Control: Roger, Two-Seven.

Rathburn: Ian!

Ian: Uh, copy.

Rathburn: I’ve picked up a Steiner transmission. It’s Kulin who’s leading that inbound lance.

Terra: He’s Kulin? Commander, request permission to intercept that butcher myself!

Ian: Negative, Terra. We’ll deal with him together.

Terra: Roger.

Denali: RC, we’ve got a ‘Mech down!

Resistance Control: Roger, R1, track ejection and coordinate pickup. Expect resistance.

Denali: Copy.

F25: Foxtrot Two-Five! ‘Mech groups have cleared the guard towers near the prison barracks!

Resistance Control: RC, Ground. See if you can get in there and start getting people out.

Ground: Roger. Defenses are still pretty heavy. We’ll see what we can do.

F25: Looks like most of the fire <boom> whoa! See what I mean?

F27: ‘Mech lance has cleared the guard towers. Good work, guys!

Ground: That’s three down. As soon as we get some space, we’ll start pulling people out.

F27: That’s all of ‘em! Guard towers are down at all barracks. Good work!

Resistance Control: Ground, stand by for evac recovery.

Ground: Roger, RC. Getting set.

Ian: Kulin, this is Ian Dresari. I know you’re here. You want to wipe out my family? Here’s your chance to finish the job.

Kulin: Good of you to offer me the opportunity, Mr. Dresari. Lord Roland will be grateful to be rid of you. He’ll be pleased when I tell him of your demise. You may just earn me a promotion. My thanks.

Ian: First you have to make it happen, Kulin.

Kulin: I have your position now. It won’t take long.

Gonzales: He’s in a fresh ‘Mech. This won’t be easy.

Terra: There’s Kulin’s lance!

Kulin: Problem with your ‘Mech, Mr. Dresari?

Terra: Dead at last, you son-of-a-bitch!

Ian: Omega Control, this is Omega Lead. All defenses neutralized. The camp is free. Kulin’s dead.

Rathburn: Looks like it was a tough fight. Head back, Omega. One-Five-Zero. I’ll coordinate prisoner extraction with the resistance. We’re packed up for departure for the next Op. As soon as we get everybody back, we’ll be set to lift, and you can get some well-deserved rest. Good work.

Ian: Thanks, Elise. Omega, heading back.