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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Mountain Assault

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Mountain AssaultEdit


Karl: Greetings, Black Knight. I understand we have you to thank for our liberation from Ian’s dungeons. My name is Karl Sonntag. I served Dresari’s family my whole life, but when I discovered Ian to be no better than his scheming cousin William, I broke with him. Following his sister’s murder, I began advocating against his rule at the People’s Council. For that, I was sent to this remote prison.

Eric: What can you tell us about Dresari’s operation here in the Cascade Mountains?

Karl: He has a substantial firebase which houses a considerable force of ‘Mechs and attack aircraft.

Eric: Yeah, we’ve seen plenty of them.

Karl: You’ll need to take it out before moving a force of this size out of the mountains.

Eric: We’ll make it happen. Thanks for the advice.

Karl: If there is nothing else, I am anxious to rejoin my comrades in the capital. By your leave?

Eric: <chuckles> Granted. You check in with Badger, and he’ll issue a transport vehicle.

Karl: I thank you, sir. Your kindness will be remembered.

Badger: Okay, sir. Our last target is a fortified firebase. Taking this out will give us a clear line of advance on the capital city. The base is heavily defended by aircraft and ‘Mechs. You may want to consider a heavier, jump capable chassis for this one, sir. The added mobility may give you an edge in this environment.


Mountain Assault: It is time to turn the tables on Dresari’s forces. Utilizing your newly acquired weapons, launch an assault on the Dresari stronghold and bring down its defense systems.


Badger: There is a formidable ridgeline marked Nav Gamma - the Lowgrodin Hills. Should be rough going for big ‘Mechs. Watch out for powered-down ‘Mechs and strongpoint defenses.

Eric: Roger, Badger. We’re on it.

Badger: Good luck, sir. Make ‘em pay!

Eric: We always do.

Isabel: Let’s nail ‘em!

Radcliffe: For the Colonel!

Eric: There’s a pair of heavily-armed forts at Nav Alpha. Watch yourselves.

Eric: This is Black Knight! Base is secure. Tactical Command, rendezvous at Nav Gamma and establish temporary HQ. Great work, Legionnaires.

Badger: Roger, Black Knight. TacCom is en-route.

Radcliffe: The Colonel would be proud.

Eric: That may be, Striker Two, but we’re not stopping until Dresari and Major Dupree are six feet under.