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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Mountain Depot

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Mountain DepotEdit


Badger: I’ve got the rescue reports, sir. They’re not pretty. No sign of the Colonel or his ‘Mech. We found Mandril’s body in the ruined tower. I’m sorry, sir. She was a real Legionnaire, through and through.

Eric: What the hell happened out there?! What were Steiner ‘Mechs doing assaulting us alongside Dresari?!

Badger: It was Dupree. We backed Ian into a corner with our initial assault, and she offered him a way out. A non-aggression pact that keeps Dresari neutral in the Steiner-Davion conflict. Intel is sketchy, but Ian must have negotiated our demise as part of the deal.

Eric: With the Legion gone, Dupree avoids a costly payday at the end of the operation.

Badger: Aye, sir. That looks to be the way of it, but she failed, and we’re still here with enough equipment to be a thorn in somebody’s arse. You’re the ranking ‘Mech officer. The Legion needs a new commander. Looks like you’re him.

Eric: For now, I’ll command from Striker Lance, call-sign “Black Knight.”

Badger: Dresari has a ‘Mech supply depot not far from here. It appears to be moderately defended by Heavy ‘Mechs and turrets. If we can capture the key structures intact, there should be a good supply of chassis and weapons.


Mountain Depot: The Black Knight Legion has suffered worse defeats and treachery, and come back from the ashes The Dresari forces will not be expecting a full scale attack after the foul carnage they delivered. A local mountain depot has supplies the Legion can use to rebuild. You must eliminate its defenses and guard the salvage team.


Badger: The depot is on the far side of the ridge line. Recon scouted several Heavy ‘Mechs in the area, and several turret clusters. The control towers are heavily fortified, so you have to look close to find them. That number of turrets you’re looking at will have a serious energy drain. If you can find the turret power generator or the cluster control towers, this will go a lot easier.

Eric: Roger. Is Recon in place?

Recon: Affirmative. We’re trying to hunt down that generator. If we find it, we’ll upload through Badger.

Badger: Okay, mission time is one-seven-one-five. Make ‘em pay!

Badger: Striker, I have multiple inbound targets, your position.

Eric: Roger that.

Radcliffe: More ‘Mechs on the hills, sir. It must be a short-range patrol.

Convoy: We’re at Delta. Factory looks intact. Weapons storage at Gamma is ours. Loading haulers here at Epsilon. ‘Mech repair facilities are operational. Supplies being loaded.

Badger: Convoy confirms all sites secure. Salvage underway. Good work, sir.

Convoy: Striker One, this is Convoy. We’ve found the Colonel’s ‘Mech. Looks like heavy damage to the head and chest. Definitely a viable salvage.

Eric: Is the ejection pod there?

Convoy: Affirmative. He didn’t punch out. Looks like a PPC hit right through the cockpit.

Eric: Roger. Get those weapons loaded and see if you can salvage the chassis. We’re gonna need it to teach Dresari and Steiner the Legion’s definition of payback.