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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Raid Base

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Raid BaseEdit


Rathburn: A solid operation, Commander. Here’s the tactical upload on our next Op. The Harda peninsula was home to many of your family’s military facilities. When Steiner attacked, they seized them to use as staging bases. Many of your father’s troops evaded capture, and, with Peter’s help, formed the core of a guerrilla force. They’ve reclaimed several abandoned firebases, and are using them to stage their operations, but they’ll need our help. We’ll weaken the local defenses and help the resistance obtain needed equipment and, ultimately, personnel.

Ian: Personnel?

Rathburn: We know that Steiner shipped many of your father’s elite troops to a prison camp somewhere in the region. If we can find the camp and liberate the prisoners, they can provide the manpower and the expertise the resistance needs to carry the fight to the rest of Kentares. Our first mission will be to raid a major Steiner supply base. Resistance forces will arrange a distraction, so we can storm the base and liberate supplies. The base is well defended, but there’s a lot of equipment there that we, and the resistance, need. The mission’s a hot drop. We don’t want to risk losing surprise.

Ian: I’ll get us set up.

Rathburn: And I’ll start my search for that prison camp.

Transmission: The resistance lives, despite Steiner boasts! Resistance forces still loyal to the memory of Duke Eric have won small victories in several Kentares cities and scored a major success in the Olympian Reaches. There, resistance forces overcame Steiner patrols and destroyed a military DropShip, severely weakening the Steiner occupation. There are reports that members of Duke Eric’s family have survived, and are leading the attacks that are tearing down Lord Roland’s wall of lies. He will not be able to hide behind it much longer. Listen, and spread the word!

Karl: Now this is my kind of operation. Good salvage and direct confrontation with Steiner in his lair. Heat will be a factor in this environment. Look for opportunities to cool down in any bodies of water. Don’t skimp on heat sink allocation. You might want to use reactive armor. It will force Steiner to use energy weapons, which could throw them into overheat. Lance coordination will be the key, given that you will be facing larger numbers of the enemy. The fights are going to get bigger. So are the enemy. Try to wear them down at a distance with some longer range weapons. We both have our work cut out for us, young Duke.


Raid Base: We have the opportunity to raid a large Steiner base as part of a combined arms action. Your job is to guard a convoy of vehicles as they enter the base and loot the supply warehouse. Beware of possible heavy enemy ‘Mech forces. Watch for the heat impact of the desert terrain.


Rathburn: All units, this is Control. This is our first combined operation, and timing is going to be tight. Romeo Element’s running a decoy on the southern flank. X-Ray One and Two will create a diversion and kill outlying static defenses. Omega, you’ll neutralize any mobile hostiles. You’re serving as fire support for that convoy while they’re on their way in and while they’re on base.

Ian: Roger. We’ll keep these guys in good shape.

Romeo: Roger. Romeo is rolling.

X-Ray: Confirmed. X-Ray Zulu going in fast and hard.

Cargo: Cargo tracks are on their way.

Casey: I graduate top of my class at New Avalon to babysit some cargo trucks. Wonderful! Perfect!

Rathburn: MechWarrior, clear the comm for priority messages only.

Casey: Roger.

Romeo: All units, this is Romeo One. We’re engaging two ‘Mechs on the southern flank. We’ll keep ‘em busy as long as possible.

Romeo: Command, this is Romeo One. We can’t hold this south flank. This is something for Ian and his glory boys. We’re pulling out.

Cargo: Omega, this is Cargo One. They’re knocking out our escorts. We need a little help over here.

X-Ray: X-Ray Zulu. I’ve got missiles locked on! Punching out! Punching out!

Rathburn: Rescue, move in and pick them up. Coordinate with Forward.

Forward: Roger, Command. We’ve got a good track. We’ll get ‘em.

Cargo: Command, this is Cargo One. We’ve arrived at Nav Alpha. Omega, keep ‘em off of us, and we’ll be in and out in no time.

Ian: Roger.

Cargo: Cargo One. We’re finished at the first site. We’re in transit to Beta.

Cargo: This is Cargo One. We’ve arrived at Nav Beta.

Cargo: This is Cargo One. We’re moving to Nav Gamma.

Cargo: Command, this is Cargo One. We’re at the last site. We’ll try to make this quick.

Cargo: Command, we’re done at the final site. We’re movin’ out. We may just pull this off.

Cargo: Omega One, we’ve got four more hostile ‘Mechs in range. It’s gettin’ a little hot around here.

Ian: Roger that.

Rathburn: All units, this is Control. Cargo tracks are loaded and headed out. Break contact and get clear. Congratulations on a successful mission.