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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Raid Depot

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Raid DepotEdit


Ian: Uncle Peter!

Peter: Glad to see you made it safely down. I understand you encountered some patrols in your area. Steiner’s in a higher state of alert than I expected. We were able to engage the Steiner DropShip, and severely disabled it before we lost contact. We took some damage, but…uh…we’re fine. I’ll RV with the satellite engineering team tomorrow. Get them there as quickly as possible. Knock out as many of the defenses as you can before we get there.

Ian: I’m workin’ on it.

Peter: I’m sure you’ll do fine. Elise sent another comm intercept. No big surprises, but I told her to pass it on to you. I’ll be in touch as soon as I get the engineering group into the area. Take care.

Jen: Ian, I just wanted to request something. About the Lance.

Ian: Please, go ahead.

Jen: I’m used to being outnumbered – not being able to overwhelm the enemy. So I tend to try to get as close as possible to my enemy using ECM and limited active radar scans before attacking. I think we’re facing that kind of situation now.

Ian: You’re more talented at stealth than some of us, Jen.

Jen: Well, maybe. But they’re skills anyone can learn, and the only way to get better is practice. My old commander was a big advocate of carefully coordinating attacks, so that the enemy wouldn’t be able to effectively use his defenses against you. Using ECM, limited radar scans, holding fire until the last moment – in the situation we’re facing, particularly here, I think this could be very effective.

Ian: Thanks, Jen. I’ll keep it in mind. And, I’ll remember to draw on your skills.

Jen: Thanks, Ian.

Rathburn: Here’s the transmission we intercepted from Vanda Castro. She’s speaking to Captain James Kulin, one of the architects of the invasion. We suspect Kulin issued the orders…to eliminate your family. We believe he’s currently tasked with pacifying the populace and suppressing any loyalist uprisings. Transmission follows:

Castro: We don’t know where they are. Haven’t you been listening? I can’t even verify if they’re still on the moon. We must assume they’re on the planet preparing to strike at us again.

Kulin: Making assumptions in warfare is risky, Major. Look what it’s already cost you. Don’t ask me to loan you my toys if you’re going to send them back broken.

Castro: If you had sent me veterans for the assignment, as I requested, we wouldn’t be having this problem, Kulin. I want three companies detached under my authority, and I need to get them in place before it’s too late.

Kulin: And I’ll be happy to pass along your request to Lord Roland.

Castro: I’m giving you an order, Captain. I want a solid spread of ‘Mechs and armor covering our flanks until we know the enemy’s location and strength.

Kulin: And I would love to comply, truly. But there’s a shortage of DropShips for moving personnel right now, or hadn’t you noticed?

Ian: Yes, Karl?

Karl: I don’t want to intrude, young Dresari, but I wanted to suggest something. We can use any supplies you recover, no question, but, while you’re considering where to strike first, consider also that, when we strike the ‘Mech outpost, we may be able to capture some larger ‘Mechs before they can even get pilots into them. The machine isn’t dangerous without a mind to control it, and salvaging some more powerful combat chassis with no combat damage could help turn the tide in every mission afterwards.


Capture Depot: We have located a Steiner base. With a quick strike, we think we can cut off their communications and take control of the base. This will give us some good quality salvage. Enemy resistance will be heavy. Expect ‘Mechs supported by combat helicopters.


Rathburn: This is Control. You’re nearing maximum detection range for the communication relay. Suggest you shut down radar and go to passive sensors only. The array is at Nav Point Alpha, supply depot is at Epsilon. Once you hit the array, they’ll have no way to call in reinforcements, and you should be clear to move into the base.

Ian: Acknowledged, Control. Moving to Nav Point Alpha.

Rathburn: Omega Forward, are you in position at Beta?

Casey: We’re moving into the area, Control. We’re encountering some, uh, rough terrain, but we’ll be ready.

Ian: Radar off, running quiet.

Casey: Hey, I have a joke for you. A polar bear walks into the bar, with a penguin under one arm and a three-foot salami under the other.

Rathburn: Clear the comms, MechWarrior. Steiner may home in on any transmission, even a bad joke.

Casey: Ah, sorry, Major.

Ian: There’s the comm array.

Rathburn: Well done, Omega Lance. I’ve got a murmur on standard channels. Proceed to the nav point for the fastest route to the supply depot. Intel indicates no more than one lance of defending ‘Mechs supported by combat aircraft. If possible, destroy any comm facilities at the base to prevent recon of local patrols.

Ian: Roger, Control. We’ll take out any defenders or communication facilities. Try to lead the rest intact for salvage.

Rathburn: Intel patrols advert that a couple of heavy cargo choppers touching down last night. Try to leave those alone. They’ll still have a lot of supplies aboard.

Ian: Roger, Control. Leave cargo choppers intact.

Rathburn: Casey?

Casey: Yes, Major?

Rathburn: Now that the array is down, you can probably tell that joke.

Casey: Negative, Control. It…wasn’t that funny anyways.

Ian: Two scout choppers, inbound.

Rathburn: With passive sensors, they may need a direct visual to notice you.

Ian: Looks like those scout choppers have made us. Let’s light ‘em up.

Rathburn: Ian, we’re seeing short range communications from the base. They may be recalling their patrols. Better expect a few more visitors.

Ian: Roger, Control.

Casey: Just what we need – a few more people shooting at us.

Casey: Looks like we’re needed up north to attract some attention. Two ‘Mechs inbound. Must be a patrol.

Rathburn: Omega Lead, please be advised. ‘Mechs are in short supply. We need to limit damage to any ‘Mechs we want to salvage.

Casey: Omega Lead, I count zero hostiles. Base is secured.

Ian: Acknowledged, Two-Five.

Rathburn: Well done, Omega. We’re sending in infantry to secure the structure. We’ll get salvage teams into the area. It should be quite a haul. Karl will be a happy man. Return to base, heading one-seven-zero.

Ian: Roger. On the way.

Casey: I’m just glad that we’re finished.