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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/The Gauntlet

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The GauntletEdit


Badger: Good work, sir. We got eight of the ten missiles to their targets. We’ll have to take the other two out the old fashioned way before moving on to Dupree’s HQ.

Eric: Get the op orders drafted. This is a remote system, but Steiner can have reinforcements here a little too fast for my liking.

Badger: Agreed. Choose the next target, and we’ll get under way, sir.

Badger: Here on Voltrat 3, Steiner runs an elite ‘Mech school for its cutting-edge MechWarriors. The academy is only five klicks south of Major Dupree’s HQ. We’ll have to take it out before the main assault, or face overwhelming odds. They know we’re here, and are mobilizing to engage us. We need to act fast.

Eric: We’re going to be facing a large number of ‘Mechs, here. We have the arsenal to reconstitute Hammer Lance. When we go after these guys, I want Cain in command of a Heavy Lance, hitting them from the north.

Badger: It’ll take some work, sir, but I think we can manage it. I’ll let Cain know right away.


The Gauntlet: Voltrat 3 is home to a Steiner school for elite ‘Mech pilots. These guys are some of the best Steiner has to offer, and you’ll need to take them out in order to reach Major Dupree. Teach them a lesson, Legion style.


Badger: The academy is mobilizing up ahead in the ravine. The rest of Striker Lance is moving in on Nav Beta from the flanks. Don’t underestimate these MechWarriors, sir. These are some of the best in the Steiner military, here to hone their skills to a razor edge.

Cain: Ever see a razor blade get hit with a hammer?

Eric: We’re about to.

Cain: This is Hammer Lance at northern start point, reporting Ready Op.

Eric: Roger, Hammer. Black Knight reports Ready Op.

Badger: Striker Two and Three are at Nav Beta, and are heading your way, Striker One. Mission time is zero-nine-one-four. Make ‘em pay!

Radcliffe: I quite like measuring up against the so-called “best.”

Eric: Clear the comm, Striker Lance!

Isabel: Some Steiner ‘Mechs are slowing us down, sir. We should be there in about a minute.

Eric: Enemy sighted ahead. Engaging.

Cain: Hammer Lance, engaging enemy ‘Mechs. Vicinity Nav Alpha.

Eric: Give ‘em hell, Alan.

Cain: Always do!

Eric: Good to see you, Striker Lance.

Eric: Enemies dispatched. En-route to Gamma.

Eric: Black Knight at Gamma.

Badger: Roger.

Cain: Roger, Black Knight.

Badger: Recon put the main muster point at Nav Beta. There’s a small field base there.

Cain: Hammer engaging four Assault ‘Mechs at Epsilon. We could use a hand here, sir.

Eric: Roger, Hammer One. Black Knight on the way.

Badger: Black Knight, Hammer Lance is down! Four more hostiles at Epsilon. You’ll have to get them yourself, sir.

Badger: Black Knight, report status. You should be at the muster point by now.

Eric: We’re at the muster point. Take out the barracks first, then the hangars.

Eric: We’ve got one aircraft, coming in fast.

Badger: Zero hostiles on scope.

Eric: Roger that. Looks like they’ll have a graduating class of zero. Heading to DropShip. Have Coyote see if he can recover any ejection pods. Black Knight, out.