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Michael Taylor

This article is about the person behind the alias "Michael Gilbert". For the real Michael Gilbert, see Michael Gilbert.

Michael Taylor was born in Tallahassee, Florida in 1971 and lived most of his life in the town of Thomasville, Georgia. His other contact with the BattleTech universe was as a regular visitor at the old Virtual World BattleTech Center at North Pier in Chicago, Illinois (now closed). His BattleMech of choice was typically the Nova (Black Hawk) in most games.

Michael now lives in Southwest Florida.

Michael Taylor is the designer of the SA-CTP-005 Clytemnestra BattleMech which appeared in issue 20 of the BattleTechnology magazine. This and his two Solaris Games-related contributions in that magazine were credited to the alias "Michael Gilbert", which should not be confused with Michael Gilbert, a real person who contributed to the BattleTechnology special edition "The Early Years".

Two "Michael Gilberts"Edit

On 12 July 2010, IP created this article as well as an article on "Michael Gilbert", stating that Michael Gilbert was in fact an alias name of himself (Michael Taylor) for BattleTechnology writing credits in Issue #20.

On 25 January 2011, User:Wookiebear said on the article's talk page that he (Wookiebear) is named Michael Gilbert and had content published in BattleTechnology, The Early Years special edition, under that name. 'Michael Gilbert' therefore appears to be both the real name of "Wookiebear" and an alias name of Michael Taylor.