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Mine Clearance Missile


Mine Clearance Missiles were developed by the Federated Suns as a direct response to the Capellan Confederation's increased use of minefields. The CCAF's Thunder series of LRM-deployed mines were inflicting losses on AFFS forces. The AFFS deployed the Mine Clearance Missiles to clear minefields without losing infantry or other forces to mine clearance duties. As of 3069, the Mine Clearance Missiles had moved into the advanced prototype stage.[1] They can be used in SRM, LRM, and MML launchers, but are incompatible with Artemis, Narc, and Streak guidance systems.

When fired, the Mine Clearance Missiles generate a large amount of overpressure above the suspected minefield. This overpressure simulates the weight of a BattleMech or combat vehicle and causes the mines to detonate. This clears the minefield, allowing friendly forces to pour through the gap. Occasionally the minefield will be larger than the Mine Clearance Missile system (for example, an LRM-20 deployed minefield targeted by an LRM-15 MC Missile volley); In this case, multiple volleys of Mine Clearance Missiles can be used to clear the field.

Like most purpose built weapons, the Mine Clearance Missiles are only effective against their intended target. Combat units in the area of the minefield only take 25% of the launcher's rated damage.[2]


Game RulesEdit

  • MC Missiles will reduce a minefield by a number of points equal to the launcher volley size. A 20 point minefield attacked by MC Missiles launched from an MML-9 will be reduced to an 11 point minefield.
  • Multiple minefields in a hex are affected equally.
  • As mentioned above, units are not targeted by MC Missiles, hexes are targeted by MC Missiles. Units in a targeted hex take damage as an area-effect weapon with 25% of the launcher's size.


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  2. Tactical Operations, p. 370. "Mine Clearance Missiles inflict damage on units in the targeted hex as an area effect weapon of 25% of the launcher size rounded down. For example, a volley of MC Missiles fired from an LRM-20 will inflict damage as a 5-point AE weapon, while an SRM-6 will inflict damage as a single SRM missile."