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Operation Golden Dawn is an early Dark Age Era military operation that was undertaken by the Republic of the Sphere against former member-states of the Free Worlds League in April to June 3081. [1]

Part of The Dark Age, Republic Era
Start Date From April to June 3081
Result Republic of the Sphere victory
Republic of the Sphere
Free Worlds League

Operation BriefEdit

The military operation took place within the Antispinward area of the Republic of the Sphere and within a large swath of the former Free Worlds League bordering states and independent worlds.

Operation HistoryEdit

Factions & Known Units Involved in the ConflictEdit

Republic of the SphereEdit

ex-Free Worlds LeagueEdit

Stewart CommonalityEdit

Origin of ConflictEdit

With the founding of the Republic on the 15th of March in 3081 with the Republic Formation Treaty being signed, not all elements of the Inner Sphere would recognize the new nation. This included elements of the Free Worlds League’s fragmented nation-states and duchies.

On 25th of March, the Silver Hawks Coalition launched an invasion of the former Coalition world of New Hope, taking possession of the planet.[2]

Launch of the OperationEdit

In response, Operation Golden Dawn was executed on April 4th, as one of the Republic's pre-planned responses to possible conflict with the fragmented Free Worlds League. It was devised by Chief Advisor on League Affairs, Paladin Alys Rousset-Marik, who developed plans to handle possible scenarios of her former home nation’s attempt to invade Republic controlled space.[3]

Wave 1Edit

The Republic of the Sphere dispatched its forces to eight worlds in April as part of its first wave of attacks. These included; Alkes, Augustine, Connaught, Kalidasa, Ohrensen, New Hope, and Savannah.

On Augustine, the Stirling’s Fusiliers and Third Free Worlds Legionnaires would confront the First Free Worlds Guards in a brutal battle for control of the planet. The Guards would remain on planet during the Augustine campaign until they were ordered to withdraw with the collapse of the Marik Commonwealth’s battle lines. The Guard’s commander ordered a fighting withdrawal, which heavily bloodied two Republic units before leaving the planet.[4]

Wave 2Edit

In June, the second wave of attacks would be launched by Republican forces. These targeted worlds that the Republican forces invaded included; Abadan, Alphard, Avellaneda, Bernardo, Ibstock, Miaplacidus, and Park Place. [5]

Wave 3Edit

In the last phase of the operation, the third and final wave was launched in July. Republican forces would invade the following planets; Adhafera, Holt, Stewart, Tania Borealis, and Ventabren.

The final battles of the conflict took place on Stewart, the capital of the Stewart Commonality. The Republican forces on worlds, include three of the Northwind Highlander regiments, 12th Atrean Dragoons, and the Third Free Worlds Legionnaires. Largely outnumbering the home defenders, would have to try to pin down the planet’s Stewart Home Guard and the local planetary militia. The Home Guard’s and supporting unit faced superior numbers for two months. They resorted to indirect methods of fighting to weaken the invasion force. Including striking at the Republican’s supply lines in order to keep their fight alive while they avoid being cornered. In the end, August they would be caught in a hail of artillery fire outside the city of Lancaster.

Their near annihilation would mark a major turning point and end of the conflict.[6]

Conflict ConclusionEdit

After the three waves of attacks in their campaigns by fractious Free Worlds League states, it would sign accords of peace seperately. Duchy of Oriente first signing peace treaty in July during the third Wave, and then in September 7th, when both the Marik Commonwealth and Stewart Commonality would be last to sign treaty with the Republic. Only the Silver Hawks Coalition would continue to refuse to sign. However, the coalition was unable to carry on the war, with their military in ruins from the fighting. This included both of their storied Irregular regiments which were destroyed in the outcome of their invasion of the Republic's held Coalition worlds.[7]

After the conflict, Republic officials announced that any reformation of the Silver Hawk Irregulars, would be considered an act of war.[8]


It should be noted, that there were other combat units that participated in this military operation. However, only the units mentioned by name are listed above. Also, the worlds of Miaplacidus and Ohrensen were misspelled in the original PDF publication of Field Manual: 3085.


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