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A Precentor refers to a member of ComStar and the short-lived Word of Blake faction. The rank was created by Conrad Toyama as part of his reforms to transform ComStar into a religious organization, taking the place of managers and administrators in the original corporate structure.[1][2]

Precentors in general are the planetary administrators in the Order, overseeing each of the Hyperpulse Generators in the network. Their importance and authority in the organization are dependent on the prominence of their station, with the most important being the members of the First Circuit,[1][2] followed by the Precentor Martial and Precentor ROM. Precentors also head the other operational departments such as Stellar Relations, with lower-ranking Precentors assigned to other duties.[3] As with other ComStar ranks, seniority and branch are classified through the use of Greek letters and Roman numerals appended to the end of the rank, i.e. Precentor Rho X being a tenth-year member of that rank in the Order's ROM.[4]

Within the Com Guards and the Word of Blake Militia, the rank of Precentor was equivalent to a senior officer in other Inner Sphere militaries, in command of Level IV and Level V units, making them equal to a Colonel or Lieutenant General. Prior to the ComStar Schism, a junior Precentor would also command a Level III unit and go by the informal title of Demi-Precentor. Under the reformed Com Guards however, Demi-Precentor was made its own official rank, while the Blake Militia retained the original usage.[5]


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