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Raju Montgomery

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Raju Montgomery.jpg
Raju Montgomery
Also known as "Mastiff"
Born 2967[1]
Died 3025
Affiliation Aurigan Coalition
Profession Captain of the Guard

Raju Montgomery was a battle-scarred former mercenary with nearly 40 years of combat experience. In addition to mercenary work, Montgomery served as Captain of the Guard to the House Arano Royal Guard, training their scions in the art of war. The Ladies Kamea Arano and Victoria Espinosa both benefited from his training.


Little is known about Raju's personal history before becoming a Mechwarrior, but it was known that before he was a part of the Arano Royal Guard, he was a mercenary who served with the Lyran Commonwealth. He would train a young noble to become a skilled Mechwarrior at the age of sixteen and later crossed paths again during their early adolescences.

In 3019 High Lord Tamati Arano II of the Aurigan Coalition hired the Markham's Marauders mercenary unit to assist the Royal Guard in eliminating a pirate clan on Fjaldr. While successful, both units would take heavy losses in the brutal three month campaign, with Montgomery earning the Marauders respect for treating them as equal partners rather than using the mercenaries as cannon fodder like many others would have.

Raju would offer the young Mechwarrior a job in the Royal Guards. There he would help the Mechwarrior run maintenance over their Blackjack. During the coup he and the Mechwarrior would ensure Kamea's safety upon escorting her off Coromodir. With Kamea successfully away, Raju and the Mechwarrior would face a Directorate ambush lead by Victoria Espinosa until the Mechwarrior's Blackjack was sabotaged. Realizing this he ordered the Mechwarrior to eject from the mech and fight another day while he would duel Victoria. Raju would shout insults about her father, angering Victoria to destroy his Centurion. This act would presume him to be dead, however it was later discovered that Raju was captured and interned on the planet Weldry, where other prisoners would be tortured, brainwashed, or killed.


By the time our forces found him it was too late. I'm sorry Kamea.

-- Alexander informing Lady Kamea about Raju's passing

Raju Montgomery was initially presumed dead fighting against the Aurigan Directorate ambush on Coromodir. While Lady Kamea was on Weldry, she received an intelligence report of what the prison on the planet was doing to people, she was shocked to find Raju's body as one of the prisoners. It turned out that Raju was tortured and left broken in the prison before being left for dead. Horrified, Lady Arano gathered his body and put him in a bodybag for burial. The crew speculated that Victoria did this as a way to make him suffer as stated on Coromodir. Kamea would use Raju's death as an inspiration for her Restoration to fight the Directorate.


He piloted a Centurion BattleMech.


Birth year is a guess based on age in character profile given in Kickstarter update and assuming timeline of 3025.


Featured only in the apocryphal BattleTech video game, the character of Raju Montgomery is apocryphal as well.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Raju's voice was portrayed by actor Michael Blum.


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