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Ramadeep Bhatia

Ramadeep Bhatia
Born 3068
Profession Director of the Internal Security Force

Ramadeep Bhatia (b. 3068[1] - d. 3???) is the Director of the Draconis Combine's Internal Security Force.[1]

Character HistoryEdit

Ramadeep was born on Kagoshima to a family living a simple life. He did not want to have the same life as his family, so when he was old enough, he was admitted to a trade school on New Samarkand. This ruse was a cover for the fact that the school was actually a recruitment facility for the Internal Security Force. At the facility, his schooling and his abilities resulted in him being recruited into the Metsuke.[1]

In a short amount of time, Ramadeep was able to demonstrate his superior abilities which had him mis-categorized and that he would be able to excel in an even more dangerous line of work. He was transferred to the Mokonete division. By the time he was thirty, he was already able to rise to the number two position within Mokonete due to his abilities and his delight in cruelty and psychological manipulation. Though nothing has been proven, rumors abound that Ramadeep was the reason behind a scandal that made Klaas Cernak, the Sub-Director of the Mokonete step down from his post which allowed Bhatia to rise to the number one spot in the division. Eight years later, he was able to obtain the title of Director of the Internal Security Force.[1]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Head of the Internal Security Force

Succeeded by


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