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Republic Standing Guard

The Republic Standing Guard is the militia of the Republic of the Sphere.

Republic Standing Guard
Unit Profile (as of 3130)
Parent Formation Republic Armed Forces
Formed 3084[1]


The Republic Standing Guard was formed prior to the liberation of Terra. As Stone's Coalition were fighting the Blakist forces, he would occupy various territories to his Republic. Some of the forces were actually planetary militias fighting on behalf of the Word of Blake Militia. The militia forces would later be converted into the Republic. After the Jihad ended, Devlin would ask the Inner Sphere and Clan nations to give some of their territories to his nation, along with various units. These units would form the backbone of what would be known as the Republic Standing Guard. Their role is to protect worlds under Republic control.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Republic Standing Guard



Uniform & ColorsEdit

The uniform for the Republic Standing Guards employs a green tunic with khaki trousers. The uniform may be altered to show the culture of the planet in question.

All Republic Standing Guard units paint their machines in red and green. However, just like the uniforms, the scheme can be altered depending on the traditions, customs, or heritage of the world.

The insignia of the Republic Standing Guard is a map of the world they are on with the words: “Republic Standing Guard.” Followed by the name of the planet. The ribbon in the logo may be colored and changed for flavor.



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