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Sandra Ustus

Sandra Ustus
Affiliation Star League
Rank Private
Profession Armor officer

Sandra Ustus (b. ???? – d. ????) was a soldier in the Star League Defense Force during the twenty-eighth century.


Sandra Ustus was serving as a private within the Seventieth Infantry Division and assigned as a gunner on a Turhan armored vehicle in 2742 when she was suddenly and mysteriously struck deaf, blind and dumb for five days. When Ustus recovered she declared that she had been visited by the ghost of Jocasta Cameron, who had given Ustus a prophecy: that First Lord Simon Cameron would be killed by an "assassin's digging machine."[1]

Ustus' vision was largely forgotten until the death of Simon Cameron in 2751 as a result of a Mining 'Mech going on a rampage, allegedly by accident; after Cameron's death, Ustus' vision and other similar incidents helped drive the formation of the Cult of the Saints Cameron during the closing years of the Star League.[1]


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