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Stealthy Tigers

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The Stealthy Tigers were formed as a private unit for the Duke of Tamar. To avoid problems with the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces, Archon, and Estates General, the unit was officially a mercenary unit.

Stealthy Tigers.jpg
Stealthy Tigers
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Colonel Yuri Rauschenbusch
Disbanded The Jihad
JumpShips no
DropShips yes
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry no


The Stealthy Tigers were formed to defend their homeworld, operating under a contract with the LCAF. In 2915 the Stealthy Tigers faced off against the 4th Proserpina Hussars. After seven months of combat, the DCMS unit withdrew.[1]

In the 3040s the unit signed a contract with the FWLM and were loaned to the CCAF during Operation Guerrero. The Tigers fought with the Always Faithful but fail in the conquest attempt of Caph. They remained in the Chaos March and helped in the invasions of Carver V and Hall. The Tigers fought against Critchley's Cavaliers, when their employee launched an invasion for William Baranov. Burton's Brigade were withdrawn by the Allied Mercenary Command and left the Cavaliers as the only opposing force. They must surrender after a failed attempt to overrun the Tigers.[2]

The group divided in Hall, thanks to the presence of two Blakist agents, who take command of the unit, with the majority of the group joining Blakist forces. The technicians also divided, fighting between them. The Raiders and his people managed to board the DropShip Tigris and escape.[3] Only a company escaped, joining the AMC forces in retreat to Outreach. His later destiny remains unknown, but if they joined the Third Regiment of Dismal Disinhirited, they must have died later, with all the unit. The rest of the group, implicitly the only one to retain the name of Stealthy Tigers, stay in Hall, joining the Word of Blake army.[4]

The command signed a contract with Word of Blake during the Jihad. They were accused of having executed AMC POWs in 3067 as well as FWL troops. The unit keep on to defend Hall against all invaders.[citation needed]

During Operation SCOUR, the Word of Blake responded to the loss of Marcus by dispatching a combination of hired mercenary (in the form of the Canned Heat, Clifton's Rangers, The Furies and the Stealthy Tigers[5] to retake Marcus on the 11th of August; the coalition forces[6] including the 20th Marik Militia[7] had no choice but to retreat to the nearby world of Dieudonne.[6] Two teams of ComStar affiliated Blake's Wrath units destroyed the uranium mines to deny them to the Word of Blake. The mercenaries the Blakists had sent were not concerned with limiting collateral damage, and when word of the Coalition's conquest of Terra reached them, the natives (aided by ComStar) overthrew their mercenary overseers, though some of them had already escaped when the fall of Terra news had arrived.[8][5]

It was confirmed by 3081 that the Stealthy Tigers had been wiped out during the Jihad.[9]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Stealthy Tigers
Colonel Bob Vermithrax 3025[10]
Colonel Yuri Rauschenbusch 3030s - 3067[2]
Colonel Mason Markoja 3067


The unit can harass a unit with high speed attacks and retreats.[2]


The unit possesses enough DropShips to transport the entire command. The Tigers' technical staff can handle the unit's routine maintenance, but lack the resources to rebuild equipment a battalion worth.[2]

Composition HistoryEdit


Stealthy Tigers (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[11]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Loric.


Stealthy Tigers (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [12]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Ventabren.[12]


Stealthy Tigers (/Regular/Reliable) [13]

  • CO: Colonel Yuri Rauschenbusch [13]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Caph. [13]


Stealthy Tigers (Two Battalions/Regular/Reliable)[2]

  • CO: Colonel Yuri Rauschenbusch
    • XO/1st Battalion (Panther Battalion): Major Mason Markoja
    • 2nd Battalion (Leopard Battalion): Major Kirsten Markoja
    • Training Company (Jaguar Company)


  • The Unit fields many fast medium-class 'Mechs with a few heavies serving as backup.[2]
  • Inside the Tigers there are a subgroup: the "Raiders", the elite of the Tigers. Every one had a Raider pin. One than cannot we buy, only earned when they do their job.[14] For the Tigers it was the unofficial tradition than only a Raider can become the regimental's commander. The Raiders aren't in a single unit: they're in almost any battalion of the unit. Ezra Payne was his unofficial leader, and everyone in the unit expects he become the successor of the colonel. However, the blakist moles in the unit turn almost all the regiment against the Raiders, painting them as traitors, and Payne, killing most of them.[15]



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