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Tara Lucas (31st c.)

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Tara Lucas
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Rank Colonel
Profession MechWarrior

Tara Lucas was an officer in the Wolf's Dragoons mercenary command who served in Zeta Battalion. She later became a leader in the Outreach resistance to the Word of Blake during the Jihad.


Early Life and CareerEdit

Lucas was at least a third-generation Dragoon, the namesake and granddaughter of Captain Tara Lucas who had served with distinction in Zeta Battalion up through the Fourth Succession War.[1][2]

Colonel J. Elliot Jamison, Zeta's commander and one of the longest serving Dragoons, mentored the young Lucas, and she heard many stories about the legendary officer from her grandmother. After the Dragoon Civil War in 3055, Zeta was reorganized along the lines of a Clan Cluster, equipped entirely with heavy and assault Clan OmniMechs. Lucas had command of Able Trinary, and held the rank of Captain. It was said that only her respect for Jamison led her decline an opportunity to challenge him for leadership.[3]

Major Tara Lucas, who had served with Zeta since before Misery, [4] and served as the unit's second-in-command. She was expected to take over the unit once Jamison retired.[5][6]

First Harlech and MarsEdit

By 3067, Lucas had been promoted (or tested) to Major as Jamison's second-in-command. Jamison was actively grooming Lucas to take command when he retired. Indeed, Lucas was considered the top 'Mech ace in Zeta, with almost "unnaturally good" reflexes.[7]

On 15 October, 3067, Blakist-sponsored mercenaries launched an all-out assault on the Dragoons in their headquarters of Harlech City, the capital of their homeworld of Outreach. Although the turncoat mercenaries were eventually crushed, First Harlech devastated Harlech City, resulted in the death of Jaime Wolf and severely damaged several Dragoon commands. Due to their losses, Zeta Battalion was forced to reorganize into Company-sized units, with Lucas commanding Able Company.[8] A reprisal was planned by the Allied Mercenary Command, with Zeta being among those units included.

On 28 November, just before shipping out with her battalion, Lucas visited Mac's bar, a famed Dragoon bar in Harlech. There she encountered Captain Jason Williamson of the Home Guard, who was angry at not being included in the task force. She reminded him of his duty to protect Outreach while Zeta was away, then departed.[9]

On 7 December, Task Force Vengeance struck at the Terra system, targeting the Word of Blake bases on Mars. The assault was a complete disaster, as the Blakists' Space Defense Systems totally overwhelmed the fleet.[10] Only Zeta Battalion and elements of the Second Dismal Disinherited successfully reached the surface, with the ships and other ground forces being annihilated in orbit.[11] By 9 December, the Dismal Disinherited forces had been wiped out. Lucas and Zeta Battalion engaged the Seventh Division on the Chryse Planitia, on the approach to Koryo, the headquarters of the Word of Blake's ROM.[12] Hopelessly outnumbered and facing orbital bombardment,[13] Lucas managed to slay Precentor X Anna Friel during a feigned parley,[14] then led a charge of Able Company towards Koryo's dome, only to face further attacks from orbit. Upon realizing they would never reach their objective, Lucas and her company double-backed to rejoin Zeta, destroying two 'Mech Level IIs and several squads of Purifier battle armor.[15] When they reached the rest of Zeta, they found that Colonel Jamison had been killed when the cockpit of his Stalker was breached.[16] Taking command, Lucas led Zeta Battalion in its final charge against the Seventh Division, despite facing inevitable destruction.[17] Lucas was among those few prisoners taken on Mars, and by far the highest-ranking Dragoon captured by the Blakists during the Jihad.[18]

Return to OutreachEdit

After two years of interrogation and torture, Lucas was brought back to Outreach, and was paraded through the ruins of Harlech by elements of the Blakist' Outreach Protectorate Militia Division. Lucas was displayed in a cage on top of a BattleMech Recovery Vehicle as part of a convoy in an effort to flush out any surviving Dragoon resistance forces.[19][20] On 27 October, the remnants of the Dragoons' Elemental Strike Cluster, led by Major Elson Nova Cat, attacked. The Dragoons were well aware that the convoy was a trap, but despite being down to two Stars of Elementals, they were highly motivated, as Novacat believed Lucas' abilities would be vital to the resistance.[21][22][23][24] The Blakists sprung their trap, as dozens of Purifiers emerged from the accompanying Bulldog trucks. These were joined by a Panther 'Mech, which had not been part of the convoy.[25][26] Despite the odds against them, the Dragoons successfully rescued Major Lucas, completely destroying the Militia forces who were holding her.[27][28][29][30] Lucas, meanwhile, was suffering from extreme post-traumatic stress syndrome despite her rescue, and at times was nearly catatonic.[31][32] Novacat spent weeks restoring Lucas' confidence, and Lucas emerged with a burning desire for vengeance.[33]

Resistance LeaderEdit

In March 3070, Lucas took command of the resistance after Elson's death in combat.[34] By April, she and had expanded the force to include survivors of other units, including 'Mechs, vehicles, and even a few Aerospace fighters. The group, now calling itself the Ghosts, was now operating out of New Wyatt, and was at around a battalion in strength.[35][36] Most of their operations were small unit strikes against the Broadsword Legion, the Blakist mercenary command that had turned on the Dragoons during Second Harlech. Examples of their operations included interfering with a salvage recovery effort near Hutchinson Pass,[37] and deploying her Aerospace assets to crush the Legion's attempts to form a new squadron.[38] During another operation, the Ghosts discovered Wannamaker's Widowmakers, the other major Word of Blake employed force on planet, was attempting to access the computer nodes from the ruins of Blackwell Corporation facilities.[39]

In September 3070, Lucas met with Captain Stacy Church of the new Black Widow Company, which had been sent to Outreach by General Maeve Wolf and was operating another Dragoon resistance cell. It was only now that Lucas learned that General Maeve Wolf was still alive, as were many other Dragoons, recovering on Arc-Royal. Although the two exchanged information, things became tense when Lucas attempted to direct Church towards specific targets, as the Widows were an independent company. Nevertheless, the two groups were ultimately able to work together, despite Lucas' regarding Church as an "upstart".[40][41][42] For the next nine months, the two resistance forces fought an effective campaign against the Broadsword Legion. The Ghosts repeatedly ambushed detachments of the Legion, destroying them piecemeal. In April 3071, the Widows lured the Legion into a Ghost ambush, and the two forces utterly destroyed the Blakist force, though their commander, Kari Marita, escaped.[43]

With most of the continent of Romulus now under their control, the Dragoons now turned their attention to Remus, once their exclusive home. In November 3071, Peter Whitehorse and the Seventh Kommando requested assistance dealing with the Widowmakers, still active in the Outback. The Widowmakers had been rounding up Dragoon dependents and civilians in an attempt to cow resistance on Remus, and the Kommandos needed help to free them. Lucas was initially resistant, but was persuaded when most of the Ghosts were determined to go with Church and the Widows. Whitehorse provided them with transport in the form of the Tiberius, an old Star League transport submarine.[44] During a preliminary operation, elements of the Ghosts attempted to take out Colonel Cheryl Wannamaker, the Widowmakers' commander.[45] The Widows lured the bulk of the Widowmakers away from their base while the Ghosts and Kommandos attacked. They successfully captured four DropShips and freed the prisoners, though Tara Lucas was seriously injured, and was even believed to be killed.[46][47]

The Four HorsemenEdit

The reports of her death were apparently mistaken, as Lucas resumed command of the remaining resistance sometime after the Black Widows departed Outreach in January 3072, renaming the cell the Four Horsemen.[48] Her survival was apparently confirmed by Word of Blake ROM itself in a Manei Domini missive in 3073 from Apollyon to Berith, where Lucas is named to a list of priority targets. Lucas is described as "an escaped convict. She is wanted for crimes against the Protectorate. Eliminate with extreme prejudice. She is considered armed and extremely dangerous." [49] As time wore on, the dwindling resistance forces continued to wear down the remaining Widowmakers, who had been effectively abandoned by Word of Blake. With resistance to their Jihad increasing, the Blakists were unwilling to deploy more troops to root out resistance on a world that had been so entirely savaged.[50][51] Lucas' survival was apparently not common knowledge, as such news agencies as ISNS still presumed that she had been killed in 3071 as had originally been reported.[52]

Outreach was finally liberated in 3077 by Stone's Coalition.[53]

The exact nature of Tara Lucas' death has not been chronicled.


Tara Lucas piloted a Masakari for much of her later career up to Zeta Battalion's destruction on Mars. Lucas' personal variant took the Primary Warhawk and removed the LRM-10 in favor of additional Double Heat Sinks.[54] It is implied that during First Harlech Lucas may have briefly piloted a mothballed Annihilator, though she never actually verified this.[55] It is further implied that Lucas piloted a different 'Mech when she was leading the resistance back on Outreach, though this has not yet been chronicled.

Personality and TraitsEdit

During her career with Zeta Battalion, Lucas was considered a brilliant MechWarrior, even by Dragoon standards. Her reflexes in battle often left her fellow warriors in awe. Considered a "bright and exceptional leader", Colonel Jamison's confidence in her as his eventual successor speaks volumes about her abilities as an officer. Even as late as the fighting on Mars, Lucas' personal ability was on full display, as she accounted for many 'Mech kills despite the odds facing the Dragoons.[3][7][56] After her rescue and rehabilitation by Elson Novacat, she became an avatar of vengeance, hell bent on forging the resistance movement into a weapon to inflict pain against the Word of Blake.[33] Eventually, she began to show signs of mental instability, though this did not seem to impair her ability to harry the Word of Blake mercenaries.[50]


Williamson: Give them hell.

Lucas: No, they don't get off that easy.

  — Major Tara Lucas to Captain Jason Williamson, 28 November, 3067[57]


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