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Veronique DuVall

Veronique DuVall
Affiliation House DuVall
Spouse Alexander Davion
Children Henry Davion
Louis Davion
Veronica Davion
Lawrence Davion

Veronique DuVall (b. ???? - d. ????) was the second wife of First Prince Alexander Davion of the Federated Suns. Alexander and Veronique were married in 2544 and had four children together, Henry, Louis, Veronica and Lawrence.[1] Several different lineages within the Davion family trace their ancestry back to Veronique and Alexander; the Davion family branch based out of Royal was one such, descended as it was from Henry, Veronique and Alexander's first child, although that branch of the family lost much of its influence during the Second Succession War having already tied a world that had been loyal to Laura Davion and Dmitri Rostov during the Davion Civil War to the ruling family. The branch of the Davion family based out of the planet Lee was another line tied back to Veronique through the last of her children, Lawrence Davion.[2]


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