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Yukio Nishimura

Yukio Nishimura]]
Affiliation House Nishimura
Siblings Ramiko

Lady Yukio Nishimura (b. ???? - d. ????) was the sister of Ramiko Nishimura, later Lady Ramiko Kurita, wife of Coordinator Vincent Kurita, and the daughter of an influential family from Kirei Na Niwa.[1]


Yukio is known to have at least two younger sisters, Ramiko and Akiko. When Ramiko married the younger son of Coordinator Hohiro Kurita, Vincent, in a private ceremony on Kirei Na Niwa on the 12th of May 3081, Yukio and Akiko both accompanied Ramiko. The wedding was held on the Nishimura family estate, and Ramiko's wedding dress was designed by Yukio.[1]


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