1st Arkab Legion

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1st Arkab Legion
Unit Profile (as of 3085)
Parent Formation Arkab Legion
Formed early 2500s



Reunification War

The First Arkab Legion formed part of the Second Draconis Auxiliary Brigade seconded to the SLDF in 2584.[1] They saw action on Nightwish, Milvano, Timbuktu, Marisura, and Mahrah before being withdrawn from SLDF service in 2591.[2]

During the Reunification War the First Arkab Legion used their speed and agility to attack Rim Worlds Republic positions. However, when they defeated their opponents, those opponents were shown honor and kindness. This was the complete opposite of the standard DCMS response (killing everyone), and as such the Arkab Legion was the only Draconis Combine unit that wasn't listed by the Rim Republican Army and Rim Worlds Army under a "kill on sight" order.[3]


During the Jihad the First Legion was reconstituted on Algedi after half a millenium[4] When the Azami Brotherhood learned that the Black Dragon Society had not only taken control of Korramabad but also executed more than 450,000 Azami on the world the 1st Arkab Legion was swiftly dispatched to the world. The Legion arrived just a few days after the 2nd An Ting Legion had pacified Korramabad; the 1st Arkab promptly began planning a combined operation with the 2nd An Ting and with the 10th Pesht Regulars, who were also fighting against Black Dragon Society insurgencies in the region. The three units conducted a swift campaign on Slaithwaite, beginning on the 30th of March 3078. By the 15th of April, the government on Slaithwaite had been toppled and almost 300 Black Dragon Society leaders and sympathisers had been executed.[5]

While the 1st Arkab Legion had been reconstituted by the Caliph to take advantage of the fervor felt on Algedi, the First comported themselves with respect and decorum when deployed alongside the 2nd An Ting and the 10th Pesht Regulars; their conduct was considered a sign by the Imperial Throne that a reconciliation between the Dragon and the Azami was possible, albeit perhaps in the longer term. Despite this hope, the Combine halted shipments of men and materiel to the various Arkab Legions while the Azami Brotherhood remained independent, forcing the 1st and the other Legions to rebuild slowly from local resources.[6]

The First Arkab Legion responded to the Black Dragon Society by killing those responsible for the extermination of millions of the faithful on Qandahar. These executions were supported fully by the Dragon and broadcast across the Draconis Combine. Support for the Black Dragon Society eroded rapidly after the executions aired. The First returned to its duty station on Algedi and has informed the Republic of the Sphere that they will be watching the treatment of those Azami on Republic worlds.[7]


In 3085 the commanding officer is Tai-sa Yori Inoue.[8]


Composition History


  • 1st Arkab Legion (Mixed Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[9]

- At this point in time, the 1st Legion was recovering from losses taken on Slaithwaite[6] and was operating at 40% of full strength, although 70% of the Legion's equipment featured upgraded technology.[10] However, in common with the other Arkab Legions, the 1st operated as a combined-arms unit; only a third of the Legion's full strength consisted of 'Mech forces, while the remainder was comprised of conventional and infantry forces.[6]


1st Arkab Legion (Regular/Questionable)[8]

  • CO: Tai-sa Yori Inoue

1st Arkab Aerospace (Wing/Regular/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: Cho-sa Aya Sato

1st Arkab Armor (Green/Questionable)[8]

  • CO: Tai-sa Yori Yukimura

1st Arkab Infantry (Green/Questionable)[8]

  • CO: Tai-sa Haruko Kurosawa




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