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Page "SLDF 2750 Battlemechs" discussion pageEdit

Page "SLDF 2750 Battlemechs" discussion page inop. Comment intended for that page: "Do not delete because: Cannot find this "Star League Battlemechs" page anywhere. No apparent replacement for page set for deletion." C337Skymaster (talk) 23:46, 6 September 2018 (EDT)

Editing Articles for a ClassEdit


I’m an MS student of technical and professional communication at Arizona State University. For a class, I need to edit at least sixteen pages of content for a client who will inform me about what to edit and how. Could one of you administrators be this client for me?

Sarna already has resources for people to edit articles, but in addition to those resources, I need to communicate directly with a client for the class assignment. Naturally, I’m not charging anything and am a BattleTech fan who uses Sarna.

Thanks, Mark R.

Always ready to help a fellow BT fan, and also happy about every contributor here. But I'm not sure if I understand the rules that apply here - can you explain the what & how guidelines we should give you a bit more? Frabby (talk) 16:07, 7 June 2021 (EDT)

Of course I can.

My assignment is to find a real, live person with at least one real document needing editing. As a real person, you only need to do three things: (1) Convey to me your needs and wants for the finished product. This can be as simple as telling me to follow the instructions for editing articles, which are found in these locations (let me know if I missed anything):,,, and (2) My professor may send you an email because she wants to verify that you are a real person. Respond to this email, and prove you are real. (3) After my work is complete, receive an email from me that details my editing goals and objectives and how I met them.


Okay. Would article creation also count? E.g. check the Hero Mechs section in the MechWarrior Online article. HF22 recently added weblinks to the Lore texts that PGI published going with the Hero Mechs. Each of these needs to be turned into an article of its own, in the fashion of Story of the Legend-Killer which can serve as a good template. Frabby (talk) 16:03, 8 June 2021 (EDT)

Unfortunately, since this is a class on editing, article creation will not count. I do need to write articles to boost my portfolio and intend to write some articles in the future, but I don't have the time now. -Mark

Understood. I take it you're not seeking to add content at this point, but want to edit articles in the sense of text flow, grammar, punctuation etc.. I'll find some "editing quests" for you on existing articles that need cleanup. Any ideas regarding the article size you're looking for? (Also, I'll continue this project on your user talk page from here on.) Frabby (talk) 05:20, 10 June 2021 (EDT)