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The BlackWasp robotic interceptor is an Aerospace Fighter-sized drone unit that formed the core of SDS systems throughout the Terran Hegemony and beyond until the introduction of the Voidseeker drone series.

Production information
Manufacturer Allied Aerospace[1]
Production Year 2728[2]
Model Mk. 30
Class Medium
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass 50
Structural Integrity 7
Frame X-5.90.30
Power Plant VOX 250
Fuel 480 - 6 tons

2 x ER Large Laser
1 x Medium Laser

Communications System Ulsop WaspWave X100
Tracking & Targeting System Ulsop Inquisitor K37[1]
Heat Sinks 14 Double Heat Sinks


The BlackWasp was developed to supplement the Caspar drone series by engaging smaller targets that might otherwise evade the robot WarShip's firepower. Being small and maneuverable, the BlackWasp could easily engage smaller targets. With no human aboard, the BlackWasp could perform maneuvers that no piloted craft could match. Combined with a large fuel supply, decent weaponry, and enough heat sinks to use it, the BlackWasp presented a serious tactical challenge to any attacker.[1]

Most BlackWasp casualties were the result of wily opponents forcing the drone to use up its fuel, which put it on a permanent glide course out of the system. Their carrier craft, typically drone WarShips or DropShips, would lack the thrust to catch the runaway drone. In addition the advanced computers and drone control systems became less effective over time, so a unit of BlackWasps that had been operating for several months wouldn't perform as well as one that had just started operations. The advanced control systems were also subject to electronic interference, rendering them less useful.[1]

The main production plant on Pollux was destroyed in 2767.[1]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

The BlackWasp mounts a pair of ER Large Lasers and enough heat sinks to use them continually. This insures that enemy units are constantly harassed by the drone until one of the units is gone. For additional short range firepower, the BlackWasp carries a nose mounted Medium Laser. With no ammunition concerns, the BlackWasp will continue to fight until it is destroyed.[1]

Though not impressive individually, the BlackWasp is usually deployed in squadron sized formations.


No variants of the BlackWasp are known to exist.


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