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Burg Eltz

The Burg Eltz was a LCAF Trutzburg-class DropShip.

Burg Eltz
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Trutzburg

The Burg Eltz was one of the Trutzburgs participating in the 3137 invasion of Tamarind. The ship suffered crippling damage early in the campaign when a Tamarind-Abbey Stingray was shot down and crashed into the ship's hull. The extent of the damage restricted the Burg Eltz to short, low-atmosphere hops. After that, the DropShip would position itself as close to the Fourth Royal Guards' lines as able and provide artillery support.

The Burg Eltz could only be made spaceworthy again after Tamarind was firmly under Lyran control.[1]


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