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Production information
Manufacturer Tharkad Aerospace Group[1]
Production Year 3112
Use Transport[1]
Type Military Spheroid[1]
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Advanced)[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 6,000[1] tons
Structural Integrity 15[1]
Length 110[1] meters
Width 110[1] meters
Height 93[1] meters
Safe Thrust 3[1]
Max Thrust 5[1]
Fuel (tons) 400[1]
Fuel (days) 1.84[1]
Armament 6 x ER PPCs[1]
7 x Improved Heavy Gauss Rifles[1]
4 x ELRM 20[1]
4 x LRM 20[1]
8 x ER Large Lasers[1]
16 x ER Medium Lasers[1]
12 x AMS[1]
3 x Long Tom Artillery[1]
Armor Heavy Ferro-Aluminum[1]
Crew 7 Officers[1]
20 Enlisted/Non-rated[1]
10 Gunners[1]
60 Bay Personnel[1]
Passengers 0[1]
Escape Pods/Life Boats 5/4[1]
Small Craft/
AeroSpace Fighters
Heat Sinks 131 Double Heat Sinks[1]
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0) 11,180[1][2]


The Trutzburg was designed by the Tharkad Aerospace Group in response to the driving need for the Lyran Commonwealth to have a domestic manufacturer of DropShips capable of transporting BattleMechs following the defection of the Isle of Skye and its merger with the Republic of the Sphere after the Jihad.[1]

Sitting between the Union and Overlord in terms of capacity and capability, the Trutzburg entered service in 3100, compensating for the decline of the Commonwealth's Aurora, Union and Overlord fleets, although the Trutzburg is actually closer in role to the much rarer Fortress class of DropShips. When it came to naming the new DropShip, the chosen name reflected the rather specialized nature of the vessel; Trutzburg was the German name for a castle constructed for the purpose of besieging an enemy fortress.[1]

The Trutzburg is designed to transport combined-arms units, with space in the various cargo bays for a BattleMech company, an AeroSpace Fighter squadron and four squads of Battle Armor as well as having additional space for cargo. Fifty-three tons of heavy ferro-aluminum armor help keep embarked units and the crew - nearly a hundred strong in their own right - safe.[1]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Mounted in the nose of the Trutzburg are a pair of Extended Range Particle Projector Cannons, a pair of Extended Range Large Lasers, a pair of Extended Range Medium Lasers and a pair of Improved Heavy Gauss Rifles, the latter of which are supplied with forty rounds of ammunition. Also mounted in the nose are the most distinctive of the Trutzburg's weapons - a trio of Long Tom Artillery pieces, which enable each Trutzburg to assist in ground campaigns.[1]

The forward left and right arcs of the Trutzburg mount a single Extended-Range Particle Projection Cannon, a pair of Extended-Range Large Lasers, a quartet of Extended-Range Medium Lasers, two Extended LRM 20s and three Anti-Missile Systems. The ELRMs are supplied with thirty-two rounds of ammunition, while the three AMS have seventy-two rounds of ammunition available.[1]

The rear left and right arcs of the Trutzburg are broadly similar to the fore left and right arcs in layout, mounting a combination of a single Extended-Range Particle Projection Canon, a pair of Extended-Range Medium Lasers, a pair of Improved Heavy Gauss Rifles, a pair of LRM 20s - boosted by Artemis IV fire control systems - and another trio of Anti-Missile Systems each. In terms of ammunition, the three AMS again have seventy-two rounds to draw on, while the Gauss Rifles have forty rounds.[1]

The most lightly armed area of the Trutzburg is the aft - although light is a subjective term, given that the armament there consists of a pair of Extended-Range Large Lasers, a pair of Extended-Range Medium Lasers and an Improved Gauss Rifle with twenty rounds of ammunition.[1]


As a dedicated transport the Trutzburg has four cargo bays:[1]

  • Bay 1 - AeroSpace Fighter Cubicles (6) - 3 Doors
  • Bay 2 - BattleMech Cubicles (12) - 2 Doors
  • Bay 3 - IS Battle Armor Cubicles (4 Squads/16 Suits) - 1 Door
  • Bay 4 - Cargo (432 tons) - 1 Door


No variants of the Trutzburg had entered service by 3145.[1]

Design QuirksEdit

The Trutzburg was subject to the following Design Quirk:[1]

Named VesselsEdit


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