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Caitlin Kell

Caitlin Kell
Born 3032
Affiliation House Kell
Title(s) Grand Duchess of Arc-Royal
Parents Morgan Kell (father)
Salome Ward (mother)
Siblings Megan Kell (half-sister)
Phelan Kell
Children Evan Kell[1]
Martin Kell[1]

Caitlin Kell was the daughter of Morgan Kell and Salome Ward, she was an aerospace fighter pilot for the Kell Hounds. She commanded the Hounds after her fathers death.[2]

She had twin sons, Evan and Martin, in 3083.[1]

Caitlin Kell retired in 3104, passing command of the Kell Hounds to Maria Allard, the great-granddaughter of Morgan Kell,

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Morgan Kell
Colonel of Kell Hounds

Succeeded by
Maria Allard
Preceded by
Morgan Kell
Grand Duchess of Arc-Royal

Succeeded by
Martin Kell


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