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Cate's Hold

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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Cate's HoldEdit

Cate's Hold
Cate's Hold nearby systems (3151)
(Map Legend)
System Information
X:Y Coordinates -69.555 : -471.669[e]
Spectral class M2[1]
Recharge station(s) Nadir[1]

The Cate's Hold system is home to at least one habitable world, Cate's Hold I, and as of 3145 was located in the Magistracy of Canopus.[2][3]

System DescriptionEdit

The Cate's Hold system is located near the Dainmar Majoris and New Abilene systems.[2][3] The Cate's Hold system consists of a class M2 primary orbited by at least one habitable world, and during the thirty-first century, a recharge station was in place at the system nadir jump point.[1]

System HistoryEdit

The Cate's Hold system was colonized at some point during or prior to the Age of War; Cate's Hold began appearing on maps at some point between 2571[4] and 2577,[5] indicating that either the system was colonized during this period, or that it was an already-inhabited system that became significant enough for the Inner Sphere nations to begin recording its location.

Cate's Hold IEdit

Cate's Hold
Planetary flag
System position 1st[1]
Jump point
2.83 days[1]
Highest native life Mammal[1]
Reference Year 3025[1]
Ruler Kyalla Centrella[1]
Population 20,000[1]
HPG (Representative) None[1]

Cate's Hold I - more commonly referred to simply as Cate's Hold - is the innermost planet in the Cate's Hold system.[1]

Planetary HistoryEdit

Star LeagueEdit

Reunification WarEdit

Cate's Hold developed in two directions. Originally settled as a gambling and resort world, during the Reunification War, the world became a major supply and repair depot for the Magistracy Navy.[1] Whilst the SLDF task force under the command of Captain-General Marion Marik had conquered Tetski early in the war as a method for removing the military infrastructure supporting the Magistracy Armed Forces, an error on the part of the Hegemony Central Intelligence Directorate had resulted in the task force not learning that Cate's Hold was also an important site for repairs and refits until 2587,[6] despite the world being raided by SLDF troops in 2582.[7]

Cate's Hold had continued to service and support the few vessels available to the MAF after the fall of Canopus IV, and in 2587, was defended by the Second Canopian Fusiliers and the mercenary unit Samuelson's Slaughterers, approximately half of the total military strength of the MAF at this point. Marik deployed almost a division of troops to capture this important world, with the VII Corps' Fifty-seventh Brigade and Sixty-third Royal Brigade assigned to the attack, augmented by the 403rd Independent Regiment and the Fifth Marik Militia. The two MAF regiments fought a fierce campaign, holding out for two weeks against four to one odds before they were finally defeated and the world of Cate's Hold secured for the SLDF.[6]

Throughout the war, the repair and refit facilities were available to the Magistracy forces, but at the end of the war the SLDF took the world with its repair base.[1]

During the final years of the Star League, Cate's Hold was still the host to a Star League Defense Force garrison.[8]

Succession WarEdit

After briefly being overseen by the Free Worlds League, Cate's Hold rejoined the Magistracy at the beginning of the Second Succession War.[1]

Between 2975 and 3025, explorers on Cate's Hold found large quantities of radioactive ores as well as several Star League depots. As a result, the Magistracy and the nearby Taurian Concordat came to blows several times during that fifty-year period, with each realm trying to bring Cate's Hold under their dominion. The Magistracy came out ahead in all of those conflicts.[1]

Dark AgeEdit

Republic EraEdit

A well-equipped pirate band raided Cate's Hold in 3101; the defending Canopian Highlanders were hit with a nuclear weapon by the raiders, effectively destroying the Highlanders as a combat unit; the Magistracy ultimately folded the survivors into the First Magistracy Highlanders.[9]

Political AffiliationEdit

Military DeploymentEdit





  • Canopian Highlanders[41]
- At this point in time, the Canopian Highlanders were deployed across Cate's Hold, and Brixtana. The Canopian Highlanders were at 75% of full strength.


  • Canopian Highlanders[42]


  • Canopian Highlanders[9]

Nearby SystemsEdit

Closest 20 systems (16 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Dainmar Majoris 14.5 New Abilene 21.2 Dunianshire 27.6 Brixtana 30.9
Palm 32.3 Bonavista 32.6 Balawat 39.3 Luxen 39.8
Taygete 44.4 Amnesty 47.6 Itzehoe 47.6 Early Dawn 49.0
Adhara 53.8 Úr Cruinne 54.4 Joppa 54.4 Tetski 56.3
Addasar 60.2 Cassilda 61.1 Alloway 64.5 Arn 65.1


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