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Daniel Brewer

Daniel Brewer in 3067
Daniel Brewer
Also known as Daniel Brewster
Born 3035
Affiliation House Brewer
Duke of Hesperus II
Parents Randolph Brewer (father)
Lady Clarissa (mother)

Daniel Brewer was named Duke of Hesperus II after his parents died in a VTOL accident in 3051.

Personal historyEdit

The Marshal Brandal Gareth, officially a loyal Steiner officer, in secret an ambitious man aspiring to create his own state, would seize the opportunity to "tutor" the young Duke, separating him from the rest of his family, and assuming in secret, the control of Defiance Industries. Then, Gareth started what he dubbed "Operation Excalibur", a plan to secede the Isle of Skye and create his own state, "the Free Star Republic". The young duke, ignored all of this. He dreamt to be a MechWarrior, but Gareth only left him to briefly pilot the first prototype 'Mech of Defiance Industries, the Defiance during his presentation. When the Gray Death Legion attacked his factory from the inside, Daniel saw his opportunity: using his great knowledge of the place, he infiltrated the factory alone to take the prototype, and used it to attack the Legion forces from inside. Damaged and weakened, they were on the verge of defeat, and Daniel was close to making that defeat possible. However, in a desperate move, Lori Kalmar, the new leader of the Legion, made a giant bucket of metal liquid spill over his 'Mech. With his 'Mech overloaded, Daniel ejected inside the building, a suicide move... but, incredibly, he survived when his parachute was caught on the roof supports, and was rescued afterwards. Katrina Steiner forgave him as he hadn't any knowledge of Gareth's plans and he enlisted in the Legion temporarily, making his dream of becoming a MechWarrior come true. The Duke served in the Legion during 7 years, and in 3065 he has the rank of captain. Years later, when the Gray Death Legion was destroyed fighting the Syke Separatists in Hesperus II, during the FedCom Civil War, Daniel survived the Legion's destruction: he was one of the few Legion's officers to survive the battle. Then he was in charge of Defiance Industries, and incorporated the remnats of the Legion to join the Defiance Self-Protection Force. They would later become known as Brewer's Legion.

Death and LegacyEdit

It appears Daniel was still in charge of the Self-Protection Force of his planet when the Blakists forces attacked the planet, and was probably killed. It is unknown who succeeded him as Duke and CEO.


Daniel piloted a Defiance BattleMech, the first prototype built, during the Gray Death Legion's assault on the factories of Hesperus II. Later, as a captain of the Legion, he piloted a Champion.

Other AppearancesEdit

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In the MechWarrior IV: Mercenaries computer game, due to timeline, the information states that Daniel Brewer worked in secret with Alexander Carlyle to rebuild the Gray Death Legion after their destruction on Hesperus II.

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Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Randolph Brewer
Duke of Hesperus

Succeeded by
eventually Vedet Brewer