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Daniel Mattlov

Daniel Mattlov
Born 274?
Died 28??
Affiliation Star League
Clan Jade Falcon

Daniel Mattlov (b. 274?- d. 28??) was one of the four founders of Clan Jade Falcon.[1] He was an Aerospace Fighter pilot in the SLDF who trained hard, also becoming a highly skilled MechWarrior in order to not be left out of Operation KLONDIKE after injuries had him grounded from aerospace duty in the new Clans.


Early LifeEdit

Daniel Mattlov was born on the world of Caph, in the Terran Hegemony. He was the second son of the Duke of Caph.[2]

Instead of settling into politics or business or some other suitable role for a young nobleman, he rebelled against family convention and joined the Star League Defense Force.

Star League ServiceEdit

Graduating with honors from the Flight Academy of Graham, Daniel Mattlov flew with the elite fighter wing of the 11th Royal BattleMech Division.

A top pilot, he was haughty and abrasive, earning many reprimands for poor behavior, mostly due to fighting. Not a bully or brute, Daniel Mattlov simply would not tolerate any insult to his unit, commanding officer or to the SLDF itself, being very willing to express his fierce loyalty with his fists.[3]

After seeing duty in the Periphery with General Aleksandr Kerensky's forces during the New Vandenberg Uprisings, Mattlov went on to fight in the reconquest of the Hegemony, making Ace an astounding ten times over. He was also injured on five occasions, the last when he deliberately slammed his aerofighter into a column of Amaris 'Mechs on his homeworld of Caph.[3]

Exodus and Rise of the FalconEdit

While the recovery from his extensive injuries was a slow process, Daniel Mattlov was ready by 2784 and the subsequent Exodus from the Inner Sphere, though he could barely walk. He would leave much behind in the Exodus, having inherited the title of Duke of Caph during the final years of the Amaris Crisis.[3]

Medical records from the early Pentagon Worlds show that he still piloted his aerofighter against doctor's wishes.[3]

I really don't care if the Star League is ever reestablished. I'm more concerned with today. And today it is obvious that without the wisdom of Aleksandr Kerensky and the leadership of General Nicholas, we are little more than dirt-hugging, back-stabbing barbarians. The vision of the two Kerenskys is the reason we have survived until now, and as long as I can still pilot a 'Mech, pick up a pistol, or even spit in someone's eye, I will defend it."

--Excerpt from a letter written by Daniel Mattlov to Elizabeth Hazen[4]

Mattlov was a die-hard supporter of Aleksandr Kerensky, and that devotion was transferred to Nicholas Kerensky when the father died in 2801. He made the Second Exodus with Kerensky to the Clan colony worlds, along with the other three founders of what would soon become Clan Jade Falcon: Elizabeth Hazen, Lisa Buhallin, and Carl Icaza.

When Mattlov found out he was to be left off the roster for Operation KLONDIKE, he confronted Nicholas Kerensky with his command staff and challenged them, saying that he was capable of piloting a 'Mech as good as any of them.[3] Suitably impressed by this brash display of warrior desire, Kerensky allowed Daniel Mattlov to train and test to pilot a 'Mech in the upcoming operation,[5] which he would go on to do with great success.[3] More importantly, through his brashness and direct manner, Daniel Mattlov had secured his name in the 800 who would have their genes passed on in the Clan eugenics program.[6]


"From Daniel Mattlov came the fire of the first falcons", just as The Remembrance says.[1] His primary behavioral traits would breed true in certain lines within the Jade Falcons centuries later. Aidan Pryde and his sib, Khan Marthe Pryde, were born into a Mattlov/Pryde sibko,[7] with Aidan especially displaying a strong streak of Mattlov behaviors during a career that varied from garrisons to greatness.


The exact nature of Daniel's inheritance of the title of Duke of Caph is currently uncertain because Historical: Liberation of Terra Volume 1 states that Micha Confalonieri was the Duchess of Caph. Jade Falcon Sourcebook stating that Daniel's entire family died in the Amaris Coup and that he inherited his family's titles leaves some confusion as to exactly who Micha is. Given the difference in family names it can be presumed that Micha could be an older sister who has married into another family or that Daniel is an illegitimate son who inherited the titles as the last resort.


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