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Deadly Black Dozen

Deadly Black Dozen
Unit Profile (as of 3083)
JumpShips no
DropShips no
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry no


The Deadly Black Dozen was a mercenary unit of unknown size that, during 3083, was under contract with the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth. When these collection of ex-Marik worlds sensed an opportunity to expand among the ruins of the Free Worlds League and decided to start probing the defenses of nearby systems, the unit was contracted to scout the defenses of McKenna.

A single scout lance from the Deadly Black Dozen was selected for this incursion. A Union Dropship was sent along to complete the mission. The advanced probes that the Deadly Black Dozen was equipped with allowed them to quickly find over half of the defenders (elements of the McKenna Protectorate Militia: a 'Mech lance, an armor lance, and four platoons of infantry. To do this, they manuevered within 200 meters of the enemy; the militia struck back when the mercenary lance closed the range. All of the 'Mechs were badly damaged, and a Pathfinder was destroyed. The remaining mercenaries made it off-planet, but the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth turned its attention elsewhere; McKenna was spared violence for the next few years.[1]

No other missions of the unit are known.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Deadly Black Dozen





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A small BattleMech-equipped unit of unknown size. The 'Mechs were all equipped with advanced technology and most of them were relatively new.



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