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In the BattleTech universe a DropShip is defined as any spaceship massing between 200 and 100,000 tons that is itself incapable of faster-than-light (FTL) travel. They essentially conduct all other aspects of space travel, including transit between planets and Jump Points and planetary landings (hence their name). For FTL interstellar movement, they dock with JumpShips by means of a Docking collar.

The mass range is given in the construction rules and reflects the fact that it is more or less impossible to build DropShips which are smaller than 200 tons or larger than 100,000 tons. Since DropShips are meant to be carried by JumpShips, a Docking collar is an implied necessity and is automatically included in the structure of any DropShip.

DropShips are the workhorse of interplanetary space travel. It is the DropShips (and occasionally their smaller cousins, the Small Craft) that move cargo and passengers between planetary surfaces, orbits, space stations and jump points. While transport is their primary role, some have been built for special purposes and act as tugs, rescue ships, fighter carriers or even designated combat DropShips. Accordingly, a wide and diverse variety of DropShip types exist.

Even though many DropShips serve as military spaceships, naval terms such as "Corvette", "Destroyer", "Cruiser" etc. are never applied to them; these are exclusively used for true WarShips, i.e. the huge Combat JumpShips that outclass DropShips by an order of magnitude (typically massing several hundred thousands or even millions of tons).

Construction and SubtypesEdit

While DropShips often are very large for their tonnage compared to ground- and water-based combat vehicles, they reserve most of their enormous volumes for cargo. As a result, crew facilities in DropShips are usually cramped inside, featuring relatively little in the way of creature-comforts or extra space. Every possible hole or space in a DropShip has some sort of system or mechanism important to the operation and maintenance of the vessel. Most crews live in small, spartan quarters bunking four crewman or more a piece, though Star League-era DropShips, as well as some newer ones as of the late 3060s, feature comparatively spacious twin cabins. Except for passenger liners, which afford their attendants a bit more privacy, DropShips are very public places. Most military DropShips described talk of stale air and overly-cramped living conditions.

They are based around two basic hullforms, aerodyne, and spheroid (egg-shaped). Depending on their intended role, DropShips can be constructed following either of these two alternative approaches.

Spheroid DropShipsEdit

Spheroid (egg-shaped) DropShips use sheer thrust to vertically descend onto a planetary surface and take off in the same way. This allows them to operate independent from runways or even spaceports, making them ideal for exploring unknown planets and giving them a tactical advantage in military operations. However, their simple and versatile landing and taking off pattern comes at a great risk as there is no failsafe whatsoever. They are utterly dependent on the functionality of their powerful engines to generate lift, and a control computer to manage their unstable flight. These systems require more maintenance than on aerodyne ships, and their failure means a swift and deadly crash landing that leaves few if any survivors or salvageable parts.

Aerodyne DropShipsEdit

Any DropShip that is not a spheroid design is considered "aerodyne" even if it is in fact incapable of atmospheric operations.

Truly aerodyne DropShips are shaped roughly similar to conventional aircraft. They are generally smaller than spheroid DropShips and cannot be bigger than 35,000 tons (the biggest known aerodyne class being the 17,400-ton Conquistador). Through their speed, they generate lift within an atmosphere which makes them easier to control. Even if the ship suffers damage or loses thrust it is often still possible to facilitate an emergency landing so that crew and cargo might survive. Aerodyne DropShips usually require runways to land and take off, making them impractical wherever runways are not readily available. Some, however, such as the Leopard, can operate from very short and/or makeshift runways, making them almost as versatile as their spheroid cousins.

Deep space DropShipsEdit

Although all DropShips are either of the spheroid or the aerodyne subtype, there is arguably a third subtype: Ships which are limited to operating in deep space for one reason or another and would be destroyed when attempting to enter an atmosphere or land on a planet, rendering the differences between aerodyne and spheroid designs irrelevant to them. Examples include the super-large Behemoth class cargo hauler, which is a spheroid design but has insufficient acceleration for planetary operations and was also described as too large and fragile to operate in gravity, and the nominally "aerodyne" (i.e. non-spheroid) Achilles and Vengeance class military DropShips which were never designed for atmospheric operations.

Classification of DropShipsEdit

In addition to their type, DropShips have mission profiles that they were originally designed for. They include the following.

  • Assault - This primary military DropShip is designed for maximum firepower. Typically used for anti-aerospace fighter and anti-DropShip operations, they can be used ground assault purposes but this is rare. Some models of assault ships which carry anti-WarShip weaponry are referred to as Pocket WarShips. This type of DropShip is also known to carry limited quantities of BattleMechs, Battle Armor, Marines, and aerospace fighters; Usually just enough to provide "point-blank" defense.
  • Fighter Carrier or Aerospace Carrier - Designed for carrying/supporting aerospace fighter craft operations. Though other DropShips are referred to as 'Mech Carrier, Troop Carriers, etc., a ship described as a "carrier" is understood to be a fighter carrier. These ships typically have CV (for Carrier Vessel) appended to their name, as in Leopard CV.
  • Cargo Ship - Typically civilian model of ship, used for hauling bulk cargo. Some ships are fitted to transport liquids and are usually referred to as Liquid Carriers.
  • 'Mech Carriers - Military type of DropShip, principally designed to carry BattleMechs into combat. They are generally modestly armed.
  • Pocket WarShip - A military DropShip type based on the Assault DropShips. These ships are designed to carry Capital Missiles and sometimes Sub-Capital Weaponry. Most are typically heavily armed with standard BattleMech scale weaponry. Early versions of this ship type were known as Q-Ships. Following the Jihad, with so many nations' shipyards damaged or destroyed, many factions turned to these as the backbone of their navies.
  • Q-Ship - Military conversion of a civilian vessel, typically cargo ships. First introduced by the Star League Defense Forces prior to the Star League Civil War.
  • Troop Transport - Typical infantry carrying DropShip, which may have capacities of moving various size vehicles. They are normally modestly armed craft.
  • Liner - Civilian DropShip design for passenger service. Normally, these ships are lightly or never armed. Rarely these ships are used as Troop Transport for infantry.


Maintenance of a DropShip usually costs more in resources in a year than the average citizen in the BattleTech universe would ever earn in several lifetimes. The chassis itself costs a large fortune to make, let alone the weapons, armor, avionics, and the powerful engines required to even lift it off the ground.

The smallest known spaceship to meet the DropShip criteria is arguably the 200-ton K-1 DropShuttle, although it is generally classified as a Small Craft instead. The largest DropShip ever constructed is the 100,000-ton Behemoth, which due to its sheer size is incapable of leaving gravity wells stronger than .6 g. The biggest DropShip that can actually leave atmosphere in standard gravity is the 52,000-ton Mammoth.

The most common military BattleMech transport classes are the Leopard (one Lance: 4 'Mechs, 2 Fighters), the Union (one Company: 12 'Mechs, 2 Fighters) and the much rarer Overlord (one Battalion: 36 'Mechs, 6 Fighters); the most common Aerospace Fighter carrier is the Leopard CV class (one Squadron: 6 Fighters).

Known DropShip classes include (sorted alphabetically):

Name Weight Year Usage Shape Notes
Achilles 4,500 2582 military aerodyne Designated assault ship geared for space combat; incapable of atmospheric operations.
Aqueduct 45,000 2638 civilian spheroid Liquid cargo transport; largest ever built until the Behemoth, subsequently surpassed again by the Mammoth.
Arondight 12,000 3075 military spheroid Designed by the Federated Suns as low-cost mass production Pocket WarShip.
Arcadia 3,000 3066 military aerodyne First exclusive ProtoMech carrier (15 ProtoMechs), small and agile.
Assault Triumph 8,000 3062 military aerodyne Assault transport (the original version was configured carry 6 'Mechs, 6 Fighters, 24 heavy vehicles, 6 Battle Armor squads) developed from the older Triumph class.
Aurora 1,600 3069 military aerodyne Typically a 'Mech carrier (4 'Mechs), but highly adaptable for a variety of roles.
Avenger 1,400 2816 military aerodyne Designated assault craft and heavy aerospace support.
Behemoth 100,000 2782 civilian spheroid Cargo carrier. Bays for 20 Small Craft.
Buccaneer 3,500 2708 civilian aerodyne Conceived as a (failed) military transport, but proved successful as a civilian cargo carrier.
Broadsword 1,850 2979 military aerodyne BattleMech transport (5 'Mechs). Designed to replace the Leopard class among the Clans.
Cargoking 12,500 2789 civilian spheroid An advanced fully automated, self-loading civilian cargo carrier developed at the end of the Star League, almost identical to Cargomaster class. After a series of lost prototypes, the design was cancelled.
Cargomaster 12,500 2790 military spheroid An advanced fully automated, self-loading military cargo carrier developed at the end of the Star League, it had slightly better fuel reserves but was otherwise identical to the Cargoking class. However due to manufacturing cost, only one prototype was built and was later dismantled.[1]
Carrier 5,000 2882 military aerodyne Clan built heavily armed fighter carrier (10 Fighters).
Claymore 1,400 3054 military aerodyne Designated assault craft.
Cockatrice 800 3062 military spheroid A Word of Blake drone monitor platform based on the K-1 dropshuttle.
Colossus 20,000 2718 military spheroid Designed to move an entire combined arms regiment (36 'Mechs, 72 vehicles, 12 platoons).
Condor 4,500 2801 military aerodyne Troop transport (20 light vehicles, 12 platoons).
Confederate 1,860 2602 military spheroid Star League era 'Mech transport (4 'Mechs, 2 Fighters). Clans have refitted theirs to carry 5 'Mechs.
Conquistador 17,400 3063 military aerodyne Combined assault transport and command ship (24 'Mechs, 18 Fighters, 12 heavy vehicles, 16 platoons, 20 Battle Armor squads). Extensive command facilities. Highly automated, requires only skeleton crew. Bays and quarters can be converted into a field hospital when empty.
Danais 3,200 2728 civilian spheroid Unarmed cargo ship based on the slightly larger Union class. A popular and numerous class, being one of the few DropShip types that the Star League allowed subjugated periphery states to build themselves. The armed and upgraded blockade runner version introduced by the Taurian Concordat is known as the Trojan.
Dictator 9,000 2600 military spheroid Star League era 'Mech carrier (36 'Mechs), eventually replaced by the superior Overlord class.
DroST IIa 5,300 2445 military aerodyne Among the earliest purpose-built military designs. Used by the Terran Hegemony, the design was used ferry infantry, vehicles and some variants as Fighter Carriers.
Excalibur 16,000 2786 military spheroid Combined arms transport (12 'Mechs, 90 heavy vehicles, 12 platoons).
Fortress 6,000 2613 military spheroid Heavily armed combined arms transport (12 'Mechs, 12 heavy vehicles, 3 platoons). Noteworthy for mounting a Long Tom heavy artillery piece; capable of securing its landing zone by itself.
Fury 1,850 2638 military aerodyne Common troop transport (8 light vehicles, 4 platoons).
Gazelle 1,903 2531 military aerodyne Common tank transport (15 heavy vehicles). An upgraded version was launched in 3055.
Gorgon 6,800 3096 military aerodyne Free World League build Fighter Carrier (18 Fighters)
Hamilcar 3,575 3054 military aerodyne Specialized space assault transport (8 'Mechs, 4 Fighters).
Hannibal 4,850 3055 military aerodyne Heavily armed troop/tank transport (12 heavy vehicles, 4 platoons).
Hercules 7,200 3053 military spheroid Troop/tank transport (36 heavy vehicles, 12 platoons). Shares many components with Overlord class, making production and maintenance easier.
Hrothgar military spheroid BattleMech carrier (one lance).
Interdictor 9,400 3074 military aerodyne The ship was noted for its high speed and multiple anti-warship armaments.
Intruder 3,000 2656 military spheroid Heavily armed assault transport (2 Fighters, 4 platoons).
Jumbo 14,800 2343 civilian spheroid Based on a Terran Hegemony design introduced in the early 25th century and the first bulk-cargo DropShips; eventually replaced as a class by the Mule.
K-1 DropShuttle 200 2536 civilian spheroid Passenger/cargo shuttle. Usually classed as a Small Craft, not a DropShip. Clan version known as K1-C is identical except for better armor and upgraded (though similar) weaponry.
Kuan Ti 2,200 3054 military aerodyne Designated patrol/assault craft.
League military spheroid Star League relic; no further details known.
Leopard 1,720 2537 military aerodyne Standard BattleMech transport (4 'Mechs, 2 Fighters) since Star League era. Affectionally referred to as the "Brick". 1,800 ton upgraded version launched in 3056.
Leopard CV 1,720 2581 military aerodyne Standard fighter carrier (6 Fighters) since Star League era. Looks decidedly different from the classic Leopard, having a round fuselage. 1,800 ton upgraded version launched in 3054.
Lion 7,215 2595 military spheroid Combined arms transport (8 'Mechs, a light vehicle company and possibly unspecified numbers of infantry). Predecessor of the Union class. Essentially extinct in the Inner Sphere; all Clan Lions were modified to carry 10 'Mechs and 10 regular infantry Stars.
Lung Wang 2,550 3055 military spheroid Heavily armed raider/transport (4 'Mechs, 2 Fighters, 1 platoon).
Mammoth 52,000 2808 civilian spheroid Cargo carrier. Largest DropShip capable of planetary operations.
Manatee 1,900 2449 military spheroid First 'Mech carrier ever (4 'Mechs), designed off a freighter design of the same name. Predecessor of the Confederate class. Flawed design, discontinued soon after introduction for inadequate armor and weapons.
Mercer 4,500 3065 military spheroid Heavily armed and armored assault transport (10 'Mechs).
Merlin 2,500 3063 military spheroid Assault DropShip (2 Fighters).
Miraborg 9,750 3053 military spheroid Fighter carrier (30 Fighters). Originally named "Charybdis" during its design phase, the class was renamed in memory of Tyra Miraborg shortly before the launch of the first ship.
Model 96 (Elephant) 15,000 2652 military spheroid Star League predecessor to the Model 97 tug which was described as a refit of the Model 96 class.
Model 97 (Octopus) 15,000 3051 civilian spheroid Designated tug/rescue ship.
Monarch 5,000 2759 civilian aerodyne Standard passenger liner.
Mule 11,200 2737 civilian spheroid Common cargo carrier.
Nagumo 4,200 3056 military aerodyne Heavily armed troop transport (12 platoons).
Nekohono'o (Flaming Cat) 16,000 3065 military spheroid Powerful assault DropShip (6 fighters, 9 Small Craft, 27 Battle Armor squads), also provided to Clan Nova Cat. Ship carries a limited quantity of teleoperated capital missiles.
Noruff 1,900 3056 military aerodyne Designated assault craft. Only one prototype known to exist by 3057.
Okinawa 4,500 3055 military spheroid Fighter carrier (18 Fighters).
Outpost 7,000 3063 military spheroid Combined arms transport (5 'Mechs, 4 Fighters, 10 tanks, 1 elemental star) developed from venerable Fortress class.
Overlord 9,700 2762 military spheroid Common BattleMech transport (36 'Mechs, 6 Fighters).
Overlord-C 11,550 2818 military spheroid Fighter transport (45 'Mechs). Clan re-design of the classic Overlord class.
Pentagon 4,000 2623 military spheroid Star League era DropShip class designed as "little more than large gun platforms" for WarShip escort.
Princess 11,800 2657 civilian spheroid The design was known for its luxurious amenities.
Rose (Bara no Ryu) 16,000 3054 military spheroid Heavily armed freighter with advanced avionics, designed to have an inconspicuous appearance. Can carry 1 platoon of infantry and 4 Small Craft.
Sassanid 3,000 2875 military spheroid Clan Battle Armor carrier (15 Elemental Points). Based off the Intruder design.
Saturn 1,200 2243 military spheroid Used by the Terran Alliance as colonial patrol ship. It is one oldest known DropShip designs used for military purposes.
Seeker 3,700 2815 military spheroid Troop transport (64 light vehicles, 4 platoons).
Seleucus 2,600 3100 military aerodyne Early 32nd Century troop/tank transport (20 Battle Armor Squads & 12 light vehicles) utilized by the Free World League.
Titan 12,000 2647 military aerodyne Heavily armed fighter carrier (18 Fighters). Extinct in the Inner Sphere powers, but still in use with the Clans.
Triumph 5,600 2593 military aerodyne Common troop/tank transport (45 heavy vehicles, 8 light vehicles, 4 platoons). Upgraded version launched in 3057.
Trojan 3,200 2720 civilian spheroid "Blockade runner" version of the ubiquitous unarmed Danais class merchant, introduced by the Taurian Concordat. Features 2 Small Craft bays and weapons which are typically concealed to appear like a common Danais class vessel.
Trutzburg 6,000 3112 military spheroid A Combined Arms transport ship, one few made in Lyran Commonwealth in the 32nd Century. (6 fighters, 12 BattleMechs, 4 Battle Armor Squads)
Union 3,500 2708 military spheroid Standard BattleMech transport (12 'Mechs, 2 Fighters). Iconic DropShip class.
Union-C 4,700 2829 military spheroid 'Mech transport (15 'Mechs). Clan re-design of the venerable Union class.
Vampire 400 2715 military aerodyne Tiny, super-fast infantry transport from the Star League era. The design became extinct during the Succession Wars.
Vengeance 10,000 2682 military aerodyne Fighter carrier (40 fighters, 3 Small Craft).
Vulture 3,500 2312 military spheroid These ships carried infantry and a limited number of light vehicles it main payload. They were known to be similar to what became the Seeker class that was based on the Vulture.

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  1. Technical Readout: 3026 Revised, p. 116: Production of the CargoMaster was cancelled in the midst of the 1st Succession War; no more than 1 prototype was constructed.