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Lester Cameron-Jones

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Lester Cameron-Jones.jpg
Lester Cameron-Jones
Born 3074
Affiliation House Cameron-Jones
Profession Captain-General of the Regulan Fiefs
Parents Titus Cameron-Jones (father)
Michelle Ryan (mother)
Spouse Emlia Tindale

Lester Cameron-Jones (b. 3074[1] - d. 3???) was Captain-General of the Regulan Fiefs and the greatest opponent of Jessica Marik and her dream of recreating the Free Worlds League.

Character HistoryEdit

The oldest child of Prince Titus Cameron-Jones and Michelle Ryan, Lester was the only one to survive the Jihad. Lester survived an attack by Manei Domini assassins, however, he was left alive in a pool of his mother's blood. This traumatic experience left him with a case of haphephobia, the fear of touching or being touched by anyone.[1]

When the Free Worlds League shattered into the many protectorates following the Jihad, Lester continued on with his father's will of opposing all of those who call themselves Captain-General. Lester is the strongest figure that has no roots to House Marik which has made him the rallying point for all the nobles who feel that the Marik dynasty has outlived its prime.[1]

The House Cameron-Jones hatred for anyone that follows the Word of Blake continues on in Lester. Every year, Lester devotes a significant amount of the budget of the Fiefs to weed out any Blakists and to stop all of their operations; even though his advisers informed him that if there were any Blakists base of operations, they would be small and pose little to no threat.[1]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Titus Cameron-Jones
Prince of Regulus

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Captain-General of Regulan Fiefs

Succeeded by


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