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This article is about the planet. For the SLDF WarShip, see Midway (Vessel).
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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Midway neighbouring systems
Midway neighbouring systems
System Information
X:Y Coordinates 247.633 : 203.129[e]
Spectral class G2V[1]
Recharge time 183 hours[1]
Recharge station(s) Zenith, Nadir[1]
System position 3rd[1]
Jump point
9.12 days[1]
Moons 1 (Oscuro Corazon)[1]
Surface gravity 1.00[1]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature 29°C (Temperate)[1]
Surface water 85%[1]
Highest native life Birds[1]
Reference Year 3079[1]
Capital Saginaw[1]
Population 2,660,000,000[1]
Socio-Industrial Levels A-B-A-B-B[1]
HPG (Representative) A[1]

Political AffiliationEdit

Planetary InfoEdit

Midway is a water-rich world with a unique celestial feature: Its satellite (Oscuro Corazon) doesn't reflect any light to the world. Instead it always appears as a pure black spot in the sky, even in daytime. The native kure shrikebat, an avian, made room for various Terran albatross species transplanted to the world by settlers. Unlike the albatross, the kure shrikebat has been known to carry off small human children.[1]

Planetary HistoryEdit

Star LeagueEdit

Midway served as the primary supply base for the XXXV Corps (Star League) of the Star League Defense Force during the final years of the Star League. The world was the jumping off point for nearly all transports moving through the Draconis Rift.[36]

The main orbital dockyards, the Yamamoto Atoll, were located at the system's zenith jump point. During its construction, DoME moved several germanium rich asteroids near the station to be mined for K-F drive systems. The mining operations lasted on the asteroids for decades, perhaps centuries. This large collection of assest was protected by a permanent warship garrison.[37]

Post-Jihad EraEdit

When the Draconis Combine Admiralty established a manufacturing center in the system, the local population exploded. The loss of Midway's shipyards may dramatically affect the local economy.[1] However, despite the heavy damage the shipyards took they were back online in a limited fashion during the closing years of the Jihad and it was speculated that by 3081 the shipyards may be capable of manufacturing JumpShips again, although as all of the shipyard's facilities were occupied doing refurbishment work on existing JumpShips, this had yet to be confirmed. Equally, it was anticipated that the damaged Telfar BattleMechs plant would be back to operating at full capacity by the end of 3082.[38]

Located near the city of Lackawanna on the Brook continent, the Midway AeroSpace and Interstellar Institute (AII) had been the Draconis Combine Admiralty's premiere academy prior to the heavy damage on the Midway shipyards and the moratorium on WarShip production. By 3079 the AII had redirected all of those cadets not already enrolled on the fighter program into the DropShip and JumpShip programs.[39]

The Midway system was also the home of Interstellar Expeditions' Draconis Combine office.[40]

Military DeploymentEdit






- At this point in time the 7th operating at 45% of full strength, with 80% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


- At this point in time the Sky Riders operating at 85% of full strength, with 90% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.
- The 5th operating at 45% of full strength, with 90% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.

Industrial CentersEdit

Nearby PlanetsEdit


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