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Romanov's Crusaders

Romanov's Crusaders.jpg
Romanov's Crusaders
Unit Profile (as of 3068)
CO Colonel Sir Kripsin Romanov
JumpShips Yes
DropShips Yes
Aerospace None
Armor None
Infantry None



Romanov's Crusaders was formed by Free Worlds League Captain-General Thomas Marik, becoming operational in 3055. It was formed for the foreign born MechWarriors who had traveled from all parts of the Inner Sphere to join his Knights of the Inner Sphere regiment. Since politically Captain-General felt it was unwise to incorporate 40 foreign-born warriors into the League standard military, he formed an independent command to take in these Warriors. The unit was set up as a mercenary unit that would be on exclusive contract with the League.

Captain-General Marik tapped Galahad Battalion commander, Sir Krispin Romanov, to take command of the new regiment. The unit's formation was widely accepted by outside factions. However, political factions within the League didn't view the unit in such a favorable light. Prince Kirc Cameron-Jones of the Principality of Regulus accused the Captain General of using double standards in forming this unit. He was concerned that the Crusaders would receive favored status, which would alienate other mercenary units employed by the League. Also, it would be available to other nations, in their own efforts to spread the return of chivalry.[1]

Every member of the "mercenaries" has sworn a personal oath of fealty to Thomas Marik. The unit's potential candidates have to undertake a "quest" before formally joining the unit. Recruits must not return unless they successfully complete this quest. Due to the unusual and disparate nature of these quests, the insignia of the Crusaders can be seen throughout the Inner Sphere. They have been welcomed especially in the Periphery, where they have enhanced the Crusaders' reputation of chivalrous conduct.[2]

Operations in the Inner SphereEdit

The unit was stationed on Connaught when in 27 October 3068 it deserted their garrison assignment and left the system on 4 November. They were ruled to be in breach of contract on the same day.[3]

The unit were redeployed on the orders of the "false Marik" to Oriente. There they were assigned to the defense forces on the planet. Rumors suggest that the unit received major upgrades.

In 3076, the Crusaders dropped onto Atreus to rescue Thomas Marik's wife and children. They sustained serious damage on their approach, and later took more damage from their fight with the 15th Division. Though they were able to recover some survivors of the Knights of the Inner Sphere, the Crusaders were destroyed by the 15th Division.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Romanov's Crusaders
Sir Colonel Kripsin Romanov 3055 - 3067

Other officersEdit


At its formation, the unit was a mix of elite and green pilots. Sir Romanov had to work hard for these units work closer together, resulting in the unit did have any tactics.

As of 3067, the unit had never fought well as a regiment and tries to avoid doing so if possible. Its members excel as individual duelists and in small formations.[5]

Dragoon RatingsEdit


  • D


  • B

Composition HistoryEdit


Romanov’s Crusaders (Regiment/Regular/Fanatical) [6]

  • CO (CO: Colonel Sir Kripsin Romanov) [6]
1st Battalion - CO: Sir Colonel Krispin Romanov
2nd Battalion - CO: Major Miaka Tanahome
3rd Battalion - CO: Major Antoinette Thurlow
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Connaught.[6] The unit was mix compliment of BattleMechs. From wrecked 'Mechs for dispossessed pilots whom joined to pair Clan OmniMechs. Generally 'Mechs were purchased from Free Worlds League producers, while purchasing some 'Mech equipped with Swords, such as the No-Dachi.[7]


  • Romanov's Crusaders (Reinforced BattleMech Regiment)
  • 1st Battalion - CO: Sir. Colonel Krispin Romanov
  • 2nd Battalion - CO: Major Miaka Tanahome
  • 3rd Battalion - CO: Major Miranda McPherson
  • 4th Battalion - Co: Major Hiro Watanabi


The unit when it formed it had no supportive combat regiments or transportation units. By 3067, the unit possessed only half the DropShips needed to move the entire unit. Also, from the periphery a Star Lord Class JumpShip volunteered its services to the Crusaders.[8]


Game NotesEdit

Force Specific Rules from Field Manual: Mercenaries RevisedEdit

When using the Crusaders, rolling up skills based on the Veteran table for pilots. Due to their specialization in duelling, the Crusaders suffer from a -2 initiative if they field more than more one 'Mech. This increase as if more a on the field, -3 for Lancers, -4 for Companies, -5 for Battalions or larger. These penalties can be offset by Crusader's battalions leaders. Most battalion leaders in 3067 gains their formation with +1 inititive. This adds up as more present, with exception of Major Hiro Watanabi has bonus of +2 inititive. These individuals must be active on the field to gain these bonuses.[9]


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