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Sharron Burgoz

At Age 52 in 3049
Sharron Burgoz
Born 2997
Died 3049
Affiliation Draconis Combine

Sharron Burgoz (Born 2997 - Died 3049)[1] - Draconis Combine MechWarrior, ISF Informer and member of the Sorenson's Sabres.

Character DescriptionEdit

In her youth blonde haired Sharron was often described as a truly beautiful woman. Her personality was another story and she was known to severely punish or even kill those who drew her disfavor. Known as Mistress, Sharron was renowned for her poisonous personality and she habitually gathered information which she then used to manipulate people for small favors[2]. In later years Sharron became haunted by the death of fellow MechWarrior Soderstrom, degenerating and becoming less able perform her duties. Towards the end of her life Sharron Burgoz was a bitter, broken woman and was suicidal when in engaged in combat.[3]


Early Life and CareerEdit

Sharron was the daughter of a family with a history of being informants for the Draconis Combine's ISF. Her mother gained lands equal in extent to a barony for revealing information to the ISF. The information that earned this land was at the expense of the Willcox's, causing an ongoing family/Oyabun feud between the Burgoz and Willcox families.

Sharon went to school and graduated with honors from the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy. It was at this school where she learned her leadership techniques and honed her skills in interrogation.[4]

Early Years with the Sorenson's SabresEdit

Sharron was assigned to the Fifth Sword of Light's independent company, Sorenson's Sabres in their Fire Lance in 3022.[5] She quickly settled in as the unit's resident ISF informant, using the information she collected to manipulate the members of the unit for small favors. On a raiding mission on Cimeron in 3025, she extracted information from the captured and wounded Davion General Arthur Harmburg. This information would be key to Tai-sa Daniel Sorenson's strategy in proceeding with the campaign.[6]

At Age 29 in 3026
During the raid at Kawabe

During this time it was rumored within the unit that she had developed a secret relationship with Command Lance MechWarrior Izora Soderstrom. Izora had secretly rescued Sharron from one of the Willcox oyabun's latest attempts on her life in the late 3020s.[7]

During the Fourth Succession War, the Sabres, along with the unit's parent force, the 5th Sword of Light, landed on the planet Nusakan and fought the Kell Hounds in 3029. During this battle, despite Sabres fighting on outskirts, her customized 5N Trebuchet was destroyed. On returning to Combine space she was assigned a brand-new production 7K Trebuchet, which was functionally identical to the customized 5N she had lost.[8]

Later Years with Sorenson's SabresEdit

In March of 3034 the Free Rasalhague Republic was formed and with its formation there was a split in the loyalty among many of Rasalhagian members of the Company. In April of that year two of the Sabre's MechWarriors, Izora Soderstorm and Lt. Sveinson, led a defecting group of techs and other non-combatants in an attempt to join the new Republic from the Sabres' base on the planet Togura. Sharron and rest of the Sabres pursued defectors and a battle ensued between the former comrades. In the course of the fighting an errant PPC blast from her Trebuchet hit her former lover's Phoenix Hawk, detonating its machine gun ammunition and killing him. The battle finally ended in sad victory for the Sabres, and Sharron's 'Mech was again destroyed. Though she survived, it was a survival that rang hollow. Though she would boast that she had taken down Soderstorm in the battle, she was haunted by the specter of his death.[9]

In the following years of rebuilding, Sharron became less regular in her reports to ISF and in combat she showed an uncharacteristic uncertainty in her ability to fight should her unit members be close to her line of fire. Though her performance in battle suffered Sharon was noted for her efforts to interrogate the pirate band leader Florence "Tap" Tappis in 3042. This anti pirate action and the raids on Enif led to the Sabres' return to active duty for the DCMS.

In 3048, the Sabres were called to defend against a series of Davion probing actions along the Draconis Combine border. It was during this campaign that the Sabres learned that one of the probing forces was the famed Fox's Teeth. The Sabres moved to strike the Teeth's base on Benet III in June of 3049, but were forced to withdraw under a heavy counterattack. It was during this action that Sharron sacrificed her life to cover the Sabres' escape.[10]


  • Sharron was a noted Trebuchet pilot and she named her machine Snowball. Her Trebuchet was a customized 5N variant, which later became an official version known as the 7N. She piloted a total of three of these machines until her death in 3049.[11][12]
    The official errata document for the Starterbook: Sword and Dragon clarifies that her 'Mech should be identified as TBT-7K (not TBT-5K) on the Fire Lance ToE and on the record sheet in the back of the book.
  • Sharron was also known to be proficient in use of the neural whip, and she had a whip that had been gifted to her by an ISF Supervisor.[13]


Game RulesEdit

The character in the Sorenson's Sabers profile has some noted characteristics.

Aside from her BattleMech piloting and gunnery she also has the skills survival, technician, pistol, interrogation and leadership.[14]

Sharron Burgon in her MechWarrior Gear in 3026


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