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Sorenson's Sabres

This article is about the military company. For the scenario pack, see Sorenson's Sabres (scenario pack).
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Sorenson's Sabres.jpg
Jisatsu Company
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Nickname Sorenson's Sabres
Parent Formation Otomo
3rd Company, Tarwater's Battalion
Unit Profile (as of 3025)
Nickname Sorenson's Sabres
Parent Formation 5th Sword of Light
Formed April 3021
3rd Company, Tarwater's Battalion
Unit Profile (as of 3021)
Nickname Silversteen's Stallions
Parent Formation 5th Sword of Light
Formed unknown

Unit DescriptionEdit

Sorenson's Sabres was an elite independent thirty-first century BattleMech Company for the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery belonging to the 5th Sword of Light Regiment.


Third Succession WarEdit


Late in the Third Succession War the commanding officer of 3rd Company, Tarwater's Battalion, Captain Abraham Silvereen, was killed in a food riot on Worrell. Then Tai-i Daniel Sorenson was placed in command of the company by Tai-sho Palmer Conti, commander of the 5th Sword of Light Regiment. Tai-i Sorenson then officially re-designated 3rd Company, Silvereen's Stallions to Sorenson's Sabres as of April 3021.[1]

Shortly after Tai-i Sorenson took command the DCMS reassigned all but one of his aerospace fighters to support the Galedon V campaign. Daniel Sorenson re-organized the company to follow a unique tactical doctrine. The Sabres’ use of an aerospace fighter and a LAM as part of their 'Mech force made them the most unusually-configured company in DCMS service at the time.[2]

The 3021-3022 Raids of the Lyran CommonwealthEdit

In July 3021, the unit was deployed on its first mission as Sabres. Conducting raids on the House Steiner worlds of Fatima, Fort Loudon, and Morningside. During these raids, the Fifth's doctrine of hitting fast and hitting hard served the unit well. The Sabres typically by-passed the defenders' positions to hit unguarded civilian complexes. These strikes were aimed to demoralize the opposition. On Fort Loudon and Fatima, the unit city fighting proved highly successful, especially with use of unit's rare Phoenix Hawk LAM conducting pinpoint strafes when needed.

The most noted action during the campaign was on Fatima, where in the city of Nueve Lisbon. Tai-i Sorenso, used tactical trickery to fool the defenders into believing the Sabres were a much larger force. By fooling the Lyran troops into retreating from the Sabres' "regimental" size, they were able to hit their city targets with ease.

By the time the unit pushed as far as the world of Pandora, the unit had depleted its resources and badly needed refitting. Fortunately, despite its weakened condition, the unit caught House Steiner defenders by complete surprise. In January 3022, the unit would return to the Galedon Military District stationed on Bad News. There the unit began a year worth of refit and relaxation from their long and successful string of raids..[3]

Garrison duty and PiratesEdit

In August, the unit was assigned to serve with its parent Battalion and Regiment on Luthien as part of the world's garrison force.

The unit near boring garrison duties ended as it and rest of the Tarwater's Battalion were deployed to Principality of Rasalhague. world of New Caledonia May 3023. On world, the battalion spread out to protect world's assets from constent pirate raids on planet.

During December their seemingly boring garrison assignment was interrupted by a battalions worth of troops arriving on other side of planet, besieging the isolated city of Llyddwich. In response, the Sabres were deployed hastly by dropship to the scene. The raiders of this commanded Bandit King Corvin “Scourge” Scantoli. The what appeared to be a water raid, but unlike other pirate attacks it was well coordinated. Using force of Light BattleMechs, raids had pinned the Llyddwich's defenders. Tai-i Sorenson, and his force arrived and was able free beleaguered militia's infantry force able help to take down the raiders.[4]

Further pirate raids culminated in the Bandit King Scantoli's death at the hands of Tai-i Daniel Sorenson on New Years Eve raid in December 3023.[5]

Offensives with the 5th Sword of LightEdit

The 5th Sword of Light's invasion of Ozawa crushed most of the Ozawa Urban Defense Brigade. With the 3rd Crucis Lancers arrival in 3026, Davion Forces were able to drive off the Fifth in a few days, with the help of the surviving elements of the Ozawa Urban Defense Brigade[6]. Though the fight was considered a defeat for the 5th Sword of Light, it was considered a moral victory and indeed strengthened Sorenson's Sabres.[7]

The Fourth Succession WarEdit


In the Fourth Succession War, the Sabres had been stationed with the Fifth Sword. Initially, the unit had not seen much action, being garrisoned along the House Steiner border. However, in 3029, the Fifth Sword deployed on Northwind with other elite regiments in the effort to assist House Liao's plight against House Davion. The Fifth Sword's commander assigned the Sabres to a special mission on planet. The unit was under strict orders, having its 'Mechs painted in special coating. They were ordered to walk through city of Cromarty's water reservoir. Unknown to them, Tai-sho Conti and ISF had painted the unit's 'Mech with special paint that released a virus that would disable and kill thousands, including the planet's principle defenders. The sickly, 5th Deneb Light Cavalry barely was able to fight, with its mercenary support throwing itself against with suicidal effort. The Sabres, with the Genyosha and Fifth Sword would be forced to withdraw when the entire mercenary brigade of the Northwind Highlanders arrived to save the Davion forces.[8][9]


On Nusakan, the Sabres were used as flankers, while the majority of the unit engaged in Tai-sho Conti's gamble to attain glory for himself by destroying the Kell Hounds. However, the elite mercenary unit devastated the Fifth Sword, with the Sabres being spared heavy damage due to them being on the fringe of the battle. Conti's duel would soon be lost, and the war's end would mark disgrace for the Fifth Sword of Light.[10]

The Sabre's Crisis and its fall from GraceEdit

The devastation to the Fifth Sword of Light would not effect the unit's status. Over the course of seven years, it would be used to execute quick strikes and fades across the House Davion border.

The formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic in 3034 sent the Sabres into chaos. Half of its numbers were of Rasalhagian descent, which caused a clash of loyalties while stationed on Togura. Two of the unit's MechWarriors, Izora Soderstrom and Cedrick Sveinson, turned on their fellow Rasalhagian long-time commander. Tai-i Daniel Sorenson was forced to arrest them. Aided by unknown parties, the pair would escape overnight with a number of other Rasalhagians members of the unit's support staff.

Tai-i Sorenson would lead his remaining loyal warriors in pursuit of their wayward soldiers. He pleaded with them to honorably resign, but instead they fired on him. He and the rest of his warriors had no choice but to engage in combat with these now Ronin elements. The battle would turn ugly, and both were killed during the exchange of fire. A wayward laser from Vernon Marrone's Stinger would cause Eleanor Rubach, friend of Sveinson to smash Vernon's cockpit with her Mech's fist. In response, Sorenson turned his Marauder's guns on her for her attack against one his own people.

Ragged and reduced to two lances worth of 'Mechs, the unit returned to base to discover they had orders to deploy to aide the KungsArmé on Damian as part to shore the new Republic up. The orders from Kanrei Theodore Kurita would also include orders to that allowed for any personnel whom wish leave the DCMS to so with no problems.

The unit arrived on Damian in February of 3035. By this time, the morale of the unit was shattered. Replacement personnel did not arrive until they reached the planet. When pirates under the command of Bandit King Hendrik Grimm came to raid the planet, the Sabres in their demoralized state were unable to prevent the pirates from making their way stolen goods. The fight would mark the death of the unit's LAM pilot, Clay Moretti and their fall from grace.

The unit was then pulled from the active roster of the Fifth Sword of Light and exiled to garrison duty on the Periphery border.[11]

Exile and RebirthEdit

The Sabres were assigned to Enif, as part of defense of a Armor production complex. On world, Tai-I Sorenson was determined to rebuild his unit. With raw recruits and determination he had his new people and machine face each other in lance vs. lance training Excerises. These proved to aide in rebuilding the camaraderie,, improved its new member's skills. However, it was in 3042 where unit was put to the test when pirate arrived to raid the stocked food warehouse on the planet. The Sabres were able to intercept the raiders, capture the pirates, and their under-armed Union Class DropShip. Unit morale soared as the only damage was an actuator on the unit's Jenner.

Three months after the battle, unit was caught by surprise by pirates while in middle of mock fighting exercises. Fire Lance, the only lance which was not armed with training ammunition and weapon configurations stalled for time. While the rest of the company withdrew to rearm with live ammunition and make shift repairs. The raiders nearly cut unit's force in half, but last minute action took down two of the Pirate's assault class BattleMechs. This triggered the pirates to flee the field, with tell-tale sign that leader had just been taken down.

In one of the downed BattleMech was piloted by Florence "Tap" Tappis, Consort to notorious Pirate Slaver, "Mad" Max Smythe whom was based out of Periphery world of Antallos. The unit's resident integrator, Sharron Burgoz managed to reveal previous raid months early were elements of the Band of the Damned pirate band and they were planning a major strike against the Combine. In July, ISF interrogators arrive to work over Taps, However they gave new orders to Sorenson and his Sabres directly from Warlord of Galedon. They were ordered to secretly deployed to seek out the both Symth's Slavers and the Band of Damned. Seeking growing confidence in his unit, Tai-i Daniel Sorenson saw this as good sign for the unit. With a limited area work with, the Sabres over the months sought out the slavers and Damned. They only managed to intercept the slaver vessel with its escorts, within a year of searching they were ordered to Tabayama as a garrison force. However, notably, they were also re-attached to the 5th Sword of Light's TO&E, they had finally risen from disgrace at last.[12]

3048-49 Border RaidsEdit

In late 3047, border raids against the Draconis Combine gradually increased. Concerned of pending action, Sorenson Sabre's received orders from the Warlord of Galedon to probe Davion space to collect information regarding the Federated Commonwealth's actions. [13] From their base Fort Jinjiro on Capra in May 3048, the Sabres set off to check preparedness of the Draconis March.

In August, the unit made burn towards Udibi, to investigate the planet's status. Intelligence so-far gathered revealed AFFC had been stocking up on provisions. On the ground, the Sabres clash with defending Merc unit known as the Fuchida’s Fusiliers. Sabres were surprised to find Mercenaries on an unimportant world. In the battle in Outer Gorge area, they managed to inflict considerable amount damage against the large mercenary force. The Fusiliers pulled back to the city of Paulo Bay, loosing two their men to the Sabres as they withdrew from the planet. Sharron Bugroz interrogation of the captured mercenaries revealed nothing of value was occuring in Robinson Operational Area.[14]

After three months of probing the Davion border, the unit would soon return to Capri, where rendered refit and resupply of their force. In November, Capra came under attack by raiders, where the Sabres responded to repel the attack. The raiders turned out to be elements of the Band of the Damned. Tai-i Sorenson is able contact Warlord of Galedon, which dispatches the 7th Pesht Regulars respond to deep raids by the Band.

Shortly after Sabres once more resume their probing of the Davion border.[15]

With information from the ISF, Sabres execute a deep raid against world of Brundage in February of 3049. There instructions were to stall, while intelligence mole can be recovered. The battle on outskirts of New Boyceton, turn out to be elements of the 3rd Lyran Regulars. Sabres managed to stall for time, so the ISF forces could extract their spy. Unit taking damage, but was able make good their escape and allowing the spy be retrieved. The ISF spy revealed Fox's Teeth Company had been behind the raids in Galedon District. Sorenson's decides go after the Foxes, on Benet III.[16]

In June, 3049, the two units clash outside of Foxes' base in Aurora Badlands. Sabre's battle with Foxes proves battle with where both side claims victory. As each other were wearing down, Sorenson calls for withdraw. In their fighting withdraw from the planet their comrade Busosenshi Burgoz is killed covering the Sabre's withdraw from battle. The battle would proves to the DCMS High Command that Davions were not setting up for new conflict. Sabres would return home with score settled between them and the Raiders.[17][18]

Advance Equipment Trial UnitEdit

For its service to House Kurita, Kanrei Theodore Kurita awarded the unit with the status of a true independence unit. No longer attached to the 5th Sword of Light and other frontline regiments, the Sabres faded from TO&E and became a black ops unit, secret force.

The unit's role as a Advance Equipment Trial unit for Experimental Technology became mainstay of Sabre's mission. Since 3040s, the Sabr's 'Mechs had been fitted out with experimental equipment or prototypes. Due to this status, the unit never fought in front lines of the Clan Invasion of 3050. Working with scientists, the unit would be first try C3 Computer and Combine's first generation of OmniMechs.[19]

The Combine-Ghost Bear WarEdit

In 3061, unit's founder and commanding officer Tai-i Daniel Sorenson of the Sorenson's Sabres retired from service. Command was handed to long time unit member, Albert Benton. In moving change of command speech, Tai-i Benton announced Sorenson's Sabres would retain its name instead of changing it as old 5th Sword of Light tradition decrees. He had said retention of the name was to honor the man who led the unit through good times and bad.

As after taking command of the unit, the Sabres were ordered to the Ghost Bear Dominion border with the Combine. By 3062 the unit deployed into the conflict with Ghost Bears, that Black Dragon Society influenced Alshain Avengers triggered. The unit, for first time since 3049, saw active combat. The unit took independent actions raiding the Dominion border, gaining reputation from the Bears. So much so, that Tai-i Benton and Sabres were specifically request to attend a Trial of Possession for Courchevel to end the war. Benton, had single handily taken down a Kingfisher Assault OmniMech in one-on-one combat.

After the war, the unit was recalled to Luthien where it was reassigned as part of the Otomo by request of Coordinator Theodore Kurita, as part his body guard unit.[20]


The Sorenson's Sabres were assigned to operate as an independent company under the command of the 1st Genyosha as of December 3067 and were used to flank opponents and provide a reserve force in the Battle of Luthien. The unit departed the planet in 3071 and were seen under contract to Chandrasekhar Kurita on Arcturus in 3073.[21]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Silversteen's Stallions
Tai-i Abraham Silversteen ???? - 3021[22]
Commanding Officers of Sorenson's Sabres
Tai-i Daniel Sorenson 3021 - 3061[22][23]
Tai-i Albert Benton 3061 - 3???[24][25]



The Sabre's composition in 3021 of 12 units rather than the usual 14 (12 'Mechs plus an Air Lance) increases the flexibility of the lances. The unusual composition allows for unique tactics to be employed, including those in which the fighter and LAM work closely with the 'Mechs, providing fire support and spotting enemy units. They have the ability to pin down and outmaneuver an enemy's faster 'Mechs. The Sabres during this era developed their skills as urban fighters and masters of deception. On one occasion the unit fooled less experienced defenders into thinking they were a larger, regiment-sized force. The unit principally specializes in attack and fade operations for independent actions such as raids or probes. In the very early days, the Sabres would bypass highly defended targets for less defended locations. [26]

Composition HistoryEdit



  • Command Lance
    • Tai-i Daniel Sorenson MAD-3R Marauder
    • MechWarrior Colin Toronagi CRK-5003-O Crockett
    • Pilot Elden Berardinelli SL-25 Samurai
    • MechWarrior Izora Soderstrom PHX-1K Phoenix Hawk
  • Fire Lance
    • Chu-i Cedrick Sveinson LGB-OW Longbow
    • MechWarrior Emory Wilk RFL-3N Rifleman
    • MechWarrior Sharron Burgaz TBT-7K Trebuchet
    • MechWarrior Albert Benton PNT-9R Panther
  • Pursuit Lance
    • Chu-i Dana Utsonomiya ARC-2K Archer
    • MechWarrior Clay Morreti PHX-HK2 Phoenix Hawk LAM
    • MechWarrior Eleanor Rubach HER-4K Hermes II
    • MechWarrior Vernon Marrone WSP-1K Wasp


  • Fire Lance
    • Chu-i Dana Utsonomiya LGB-0W Longbow
    • Busosenshi Regent Ryal SCP-1N Scorpion
    • Busosenshi Sharron Burgaz TBT-7K Trebuchet
    • Busosenshi Seyla Teresa Martinez PNT-9R Panther


  • Fire Lance
    • Chu-i Dana Utsonomiya LGB-0W Longbow
    • Busosenshi Andrew Martin CGR-1A9 Charger
    • Busosenshi Sharron Burgoz TBT-5K Trebuchet
    • Busosenshi Seyla Teresa Martinez PNT-9T Panther
  • Pursuit Lance
    • Chu-i Albert Benton MON-67 Mongoose
    • Busosenshi Jasmine Rubach HER-4K Hermes II
    • Busosenshi Elden Berardinelli SDR-5K Spider
    • Busosenshi James MacParland WTH-1 Whitworth



  • Command Lance
    • Tai-i Albert Benton BHKU-0F Black Hawk
    • Busosenshi Grace Shiro JR7-K Jenner
    • Busosenshi Hohiro Utsonomya HBK-5P Hunchback
    • Busosenshi Mark Kisomita DRG-9K Grand Dragon
  • Pursuit Lance
    • Chu-i Jasmine Rubach MON-66 Mongoose
    • Busosenshi Wendell D'arnon FS9-0F Firestarter
    • Busosenshi Evette Sorenson SDR-9K Venom
    • Busosenshi James MacPartland WTH-2 Whitworth

Colors and Unit InsigniaEdit

Sorenson's Sabres use the same red color scheme as the Sword of Light. However, after their inclusion into the Otomo, they would add gold highlights to save face. The Sabres' insignia is a mushroom-shaped pillar of black smoke on a gray shield behind a yellow-flamed scimitar.[28]


During 3049 campaign into FedCom space, the Sorenson's Sabres utilized a Dropship, named Marrakesh Express.[29]


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