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  • August - Popular action-adventure holovid The Bounty Hunters is released.
  • Mech Magic Inc. founded.
  • Conspiracy tri-vid film The Phelidere Project, loosely based on the disappearance of the Paymon's Staff, is released.
  • The mercenary unit known as the Federated Freemen is formed by Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Xavier Pelt.
  • First Noisiel Summer Games held.
  • Kristen's Krushers mercenary unit signs contract with Free Worlds League.
  • Duchess Candace Liao initiates the formation of the St. Ives Janissaries brigade.
  • 11th FedCom RCT enters service.
  • A Federated Commonwealth freighter is destroyed by the Taurian Defense Force in the Landmark system following a misjump.