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Simon Gallagher

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Simon Jacob Fitch Gallagher
Born 13 January 3001
Died 20 April 3067[1]
Affiliation Lyran Alliance
Profession Prince's Champion

Simon Jacob Fitch Gallagher (3001[2] - 3067[3]) was Prince's Champion and Director of the Crucis March regional command of the Federated Commonwealth under Katherine Steiner-Davion during the FedCom Civil War. He was born on 13 January 3001 in Spring Fields, Timbuktu, Lyran Commonwealth.[2]



In 3019, at the age of eighteen, Gallagher enrolled at the University of Timbuktu, and he graduated four years later. Upon graduation, he signed up with the Replacement Depot Corps of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces. In 3030 he transferred to the Department of the Quartermaster, where he served for three years before becoming the logistics chief for the 412th Tamar Rifles. He served there for two years, transferring to the 32nd Lyran Guards in 3035.[2]

In 3041, Gallagher took advantage of the Federated Commonwealth alliance and attended the Federation Command and Staff College of the College of Military Science at the New Avalon Institute of Sciences. Upon graduation, he accepted a post as chief of staff for the First Argyle Lancers. It was here that it became clear that Gallagher was gifted as a logistician and administrator, but he was a disaster as a leader of men. His brief tenure caused a collapse in the morale of the unit because he could not manage the support teams under him.[2]

In 3043, Gallagher became the director of support services for the Avalon Hussars brigade, a position he held until 3047. In that year, he was promoted to director of logistics and executive officer of the Crucis March regional command, as well as serving as aide to Field Marshal Ardan Sortek.[4] He remained at that post for fourteen years. He performed much better in these two positions because others were able to handle personnel, leaving him free to focus on logistics.[2]

Civil WarEdit

At the end of 3060, Katherine Steiner-Davion assumed the Regency of the Federated Commonwealth from her sister Yvonne.[5] In 3061, she removed Ardan Sortek and named Simon Gallagher Prince's Champion and commanding officer of the Crucis March regional command.[2] Technically, she was not allowed to replace Sortek as Champion because she had legally assumed the Regency, not the title of First Prince, so Gallagher's tenure as Champion may be considered illegitimate.[6] Gallagher was considered a "weak-willed Lyran national"[7] who was "a virtual mouthpiece"[2] for Katherine to get around Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion whenever she wanted to issue orders she thought Davion would object to.

One such order was to bring down the First Davion Guards on New Avalon at the end of June 3063. The elite RCT had refused to pledge personal loyalty to Katherine, and she could not allow a potentially hostile unit to remain on her capital. Katherine wanted the command disarmed so they could not stage a rebellion, but Jackson Davion attempted to negotiate between the two sides. After a week-long standoff, Gallagher ordered the First Guards to lay down their weapons, but they disobeyed his order, leading to the first battle on New Avalon of the FedCom Civil War.[8]

As the civil war progressed, Katherine leaned more and more on Gallagher to pass on "questionable" orders to her units, as she dared not risk losing Jackson Davion's support and the credibility it brought her.[9]


On 20 April 3067, as forces under the command of Victor Steiner-Davion advanced on Avalon City, Simon Gallagher isolated himself in the Fox's Den and shot himself.[1][10]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Ardan Sortek
Prince's Champion

Succeeded by
Jackson Davion


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