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  • St. Ives 2nd Janissaries become operational, begin the tour of St. Ives Compact.
  • February 19th: Battle of Huntress begins with the covert insertion of DEST teams into the Huntress system.
  • April 9th: Battle of Huntress ends with the landfall of reinforcements from Operation BULLDOG.
  • April 23rd: Great Refusal fought on Strana Mechty. The Inner Sphere is victorious, ending the Clan Invasion.
  • September: The Ghost Bear Fifty-fourth Provisional Garrison Cluster defeats an attack on Thule from a regiment-sized pirate force.
  • November 12th: St. Ives Compact's Blackwind Lancers assault the Confederation world Hustaing.
  • Clan Diamond Shark launches a successful Trial of Possession for the entire of Vinton in the wake of the Great Refusal.
  • Clan Cloud Cobra attacks and captures the Clan Nova Cat holdings on Brim in the wake of the Great Refusal.
  • Clan Diamond Shark captures a former Clan Smoke Jaguar ferro-fibrous armor manufacturing enclave on Brim, only for the enclave to be destroyed when a nearby Trial of Possession between Clan Goliath Scorpion and Clan Snow Raven spills over into the enclave.