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PTN-LAW Shugosha
Production information
Manufacturer LAW
Use LoaderMech
Class Light
Introduced Star League Era
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Mass 20 tons
Armor BAR 5 Grade Commercial Armor
Engine Fusion Engine
Heat Sinks 10
Speed 32 km/h

2x Lifthoist
Mounted Searchlight

BV (2.0) 102[1][2]


The Shugosha is a light-class IndustrialMech, which was originally produced by Luthien Armor Works in the Draconis Combine. Based on the Ultra-Light Patron LoaderMech, the Shugosha is distinct from the older design being 5 tons heavier and powered by a Fusion Engine.

However, it would not be until the invasion of Luthien in 3052 where the design would stand out. Invasion of Clans Smoke Jaguars and Nova Cats forced Luthien's defenders to scramble to be come up with unique use for the Shugosha. LAW engineers took the old Star League Era design, refit for unique role as a MilitiaMech as part of the desperate defense of the planet. These industrial machines were converted into drones refitted with BattleMech weaponry. For the battle itself, they were made to look like typical BattleMechs being fielded during this era such as the Archer and the Thunderbolt. Though not combat effective as regular BattleMechs, their presence helped the Kurita defenders appear in greater numbers.

The success of these MilitiaMechs encouraged the DCMS to award LAW a contract to produce a limited run of three of these DroneMechs, but without the cosmetic changes at LAW's factory on Nykvarn. After the Jihad, the newly formed Republic of the Sphere bought a few examples as part of their evaluation of Drone Technology.[3]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Not built for speed, the Fusion engine of the Shugosha allows it to work for long period of times. As with all Fusion powered units, the Shugosha's engine comes with 10 heat sinks to allow the endure heat produced by the mech. Typical for an Industrial machine, it features an Industrial Cockpit with life support and BAR 5 rated Commercial Armor. The machine's armor protection gives the design some resistance to damage while undertaking routine tasks, but if combat should occur modern weaponry would easily penetrate its hull.

For its primary task as a LoaderMech, the Shugosha has two Lift hoists, one mounted in each of its side torsos. A Mounted Searchlight in the center torso aids the pilot operating the 'Mech at night.[4]


The Shugosha features two 1.5 ton Cargo bays in each of it's side torsos.


    This is first of the three experimental Drone variants of the Shugosha. Fitted as a Q-Mech, a machine pretending to be harmless industralMech. Changes to the design includes the adding a Drone (Remote) Operating System in the head, Booby Trap in center torso, and Large Laser mounted in the right torso. BV(2.0)=161[5][6]
    Similar to QM1, this version of Q-Mech drops the Large Laser, for a 5-Tubed Long-Range Missile launcher and single ton ammunition mounted in left torso. For short-range combat, pair of Medium Lasers are fitted in right arm. BV(2.0)=157[7][8]
    Based on the QM1, this version mounts a powerful PPC in its left torso. BV(2.0)=102[9][10]

Related DesignsEdit


The Shugosha first appeared in third book of the Blood of Kerensky novels, Lost Destiny written by author Michael Stackpole.

As of this time, the MUL Profiles for the Shugosha are not update, which does not include introduction dates for the original Shugosha LoaderMech or its later Drone variants.

The image of the Shugosha originates from Patron due to its design legacy and as a cost-saving method of reusing images for minor variants.


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