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Small Agricultural Robot

Small Agricultural Robot
Production information
Manufacturer Star League
Production Year Early-Space Flight[1]
Mission Agriculture
Type Tracked[2]
Technical specifications
Mass 40 tons[2]
Armor 16 tons Commercial Armor[2]
Engine ICE[2]
Speed 9 km/h
Crew None


BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


Built during the Star League era, Small Agricultural Robots were used to harvest crops during the Star League era. These "agribots" could cover a large area of land with just a single human worker to oversee their operation. Though some robots have survived through the Succession Wars, they are still a rarity to find.[2]


In an emergency, this small agribot can use its combine to attack others, though this would be a measure of last resort.


No variants of this model are known to exist.


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