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Catalyst Game Labs, the current owners of BattleTech, have divided history into six eras. The products they released are grouped in this manner. Recently newer products have included other distinct time periods by splitting the eras into sub-eras which brings the classification up to nine eras. In addition to those, four more distinct non-canon ones can be identified:[1]
Era Sub Era Years Description Symbol[2]
Pre-Spaceflight Up to 1950 Earliest era referred to, where humanity resides only on its planet of origin, Terra.
Early Spaceflight 19502005 Early solar system restricted spaceflight.
Star League Age of War (First Exodus)[3] 20052242 The time of the Western Alliance, early Terran Alliance, and earliest interstellar colonies. The Outer Reaches Rebellion resulted in the Demarcation Declaration, the forced independence for most colonies. Star league era-BW.jpg
Star League Age of War (Second Exodus)[4] 22422398 Colonists on marginal worlds resettle or perish. The Terran Alliance collapses; the beginnings of the Terran Hegemony and the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere. Star league era-BW.jpg
Star League Age of War 23982570[5] The time of the Terran Hegemony and "civilized" warfare between the Inner Sphere houses. The first BattleMech is created. Star league era-BW.jpg
Star League Star League 2571 - 2780 The time when the Star League reached the height of its power and was destroyed by the Amaris Coup. Star league era-BW.jpg
Succession Wars Early SW 27812900 When the Great Houses vied for supremacy and many of the advances of the Star League disappeared as LosTech. Succession wars era-BW.jpg
Succession Wars Late SW 29013049 When the Great Houses vied for supremacy and many of the advances of the Star League disappeared as LosTech. Succession wars era-BW.jpg
Clan Invasion 30503061 The time between the beginning of the Clan Invasion and the Inner Sphere's victory at the Great Refusal. Clan invasion era-BW.jpg
Civil War 30623067 The years in the shadow of the Federated Commonwealth Civil War. Civil war era-BW.jpg
Jihad 30683080 The time when the Word of Blake unleashed its Jihad. Jihad era-BW.jpg
Dark Age Republic 30813130 The time from the defeat of the Blakists to the creation of The Republic of the Sphere.[6] Dark age era-BW.jpg
Dark Age Dark Age 3131 The time since the collapse of the HPG network caused political chaos in The Republic of the Sphere that lead to the militarization of Industrial Mechs and other civilian equipment. Dark age era-BW.jpg


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