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Talk:Historical: Liberation of Terra Volume 2

Street dateEdit

Can anyone give me a street date, when i read this post on the CGL forum [1], i feel the print edition was publiced, but on which date, oh and i stop to adding posts at this time to the forum, they pissed me of, yes i read on it, but stop my contribution, to many stupid answers and no support.--Doneve (talk) 18:14, 17 April 2013 (PDT)

Haven't seen a confirmed one, and I have been looking since I saw the comments in the same thread. Assume this week as DTF street date and advance moratorium to two months from today?Cyc (talk) 19:02, 17 April 2013 (PDT)
It appeared on the stock lists of several UK games stores that send me mail shots last week, if that helps? BrokenMnemonic (talk) 03:29, 18 April 2013 (PDT)
Paperback was published April 10th according to Catalyst labs. [2] The ISBN look up confirms it too. Crduemling (talk) 16:00, 15 December 2013 (PST)
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