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Ty Wu Non

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Ty Wu Non
Born 3017
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Profession Warrior House Master

Ту Wu Non (born 3017 - died 3???) is the current house master of Warrior House Hiritsu.[1]


Ty Wu Non received his position after he discovered a conspiracy in his own ranks. He and some loyal followers erased this mark from their honor. Since his promotion he led the house by example. The campaigns in the Chaos March and later the St. Ives Conflict were fierce. The Warrior House suffered a sort of "crisis of faith" as the fighting in St. Ives became more brutal. Only after Ty Wu Non and several other MechWarriors of high moral standing demanded better behavior from their fellow House members did the brutality end.

With the beginning of the Jihad the fight against the Word of Blake was always without mercy. Tough, but fair, Ty Wu Non required the absolute best from his troops.[1]




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