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Joined 8 June 2016

I'm a fan since 1990 aprox, and thanks to internet I'll try to be up to date with my hobby.

My intentions are to add all information I do have on spanish publications on Battletech. And help on other topics if I can.

As a player we are running with my friends a Mercenary unit (the Oktober Guard) now fighting on 3046 against pirates, and clock moving to Clan Invasion arrival.

I'm also very active in the spanish forum (not official) [1] where I've even designed Mechwarrior scenario packs (a sort of BattleTech Dossiers, like BattleTech Dossiers: Lamenkov's Liability). The page is full of Spanish fans, our discussions and a bit of everything, even fan free products.


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Important LinksEdit

The template for images: Template:Image summary

My List of Wiki ProjectsEdit

Completed Old onesEdit

Spanish MagazinesEdit

I'm trying to add all Spanish magazines to our wiki. At this moment I've added all the ones I do know about. Completed with Covers at this moment

Always on-going.

Global MagazinesEdit

Here I'm trying to add magazines on other markets that I do find and that do not yet exist in the wiki

Always on-going.

Spanish NovelsEdit

Phase 1Edit

Here I want to add all the Battletech novels translated to Spanish.

List of BattleTech print novels in spanish


Phase 2Edit

I do not own most of the Spanish novels, indeed only the first eight, for which I'll try to add also information that spanish translators might have created and also any possible translation error that I know of thanks to having read also the novels in english.

Work is on-going recovering all this information


This is add-hoc ideas I'll try to do. I'll add them here while I think on them. Wishes for 2019 are:

Re-Reading the booksEdit

I'm re-reading the books just trying to add minor units/characters that I do found along the way. It is going to be an enjoyable task.


Mercenary unitsEdit

Phase 1Edit

I'm trying to build articles on the minor periphery mercenary units like Cavanaugh's Cavalry and then then Arms of Thor, the Larsen's Loners, the Nelson's Longbows and for sure other minor ones that I'll find. Just finished these four + a few minor ones. Now I want to review the Field Manuals on Periphery to tackle those mercenary units not described in wiki. Outworlds Alliance gave me 3 happy surprises yesterday... more to come I hope. I keep going with the minor units...
This is by itself a fascinating world, though usually there isn't much information in them, I do like this :)

On-Going. ==> Total Chaos main history completed. Next step: sidebars

Phase 2Edit

Ensure all mercenary units follow correct template, with sections with no information as Unknown. Among things to do: the list of commanding officers correctly presented. Somehow tackle other officers in there.

I'm going SolarisEdit

I intend to review all Solaris books and Battlecorps information in order to compile it and enhance that section of the wiki!! Lets Solaris for the coming weeks :) Two big mini-projects inside this one I intend to do:

Erik Gray and the SHDL --> Completed
Types of matches, home leagues... --> Always in progress

Phase 5Edit

Review small histories and some "minor" RPG books that can add additional information (minor are in terms of Solaris VII relevance). Like:

In progress. Any help identifying Solaris Histories that can be reviewed would be welcomed.

Project Minor CharactersEdit

Category Link: Category:Minor Characters

Phase 2Edit

Review minor character pages for each power and create articles for each person. Review characters that were not easy to classify. Help needed :)

Pending help for 1 of them.

Project Bloodnamed WarriorsEdit

Category Link: Category:Bloodnames

Phase 3Edit

  • Maybe give table format as in Stables... (doubt)
  • Add political information on Bloodchapels and Bloodhouse politics when found
  • Amend formatting and decide what to do with the Notes
  • Review the books to to dig new warriors to add to the lists
  • Review units and create a valid link to them all as individual characters

Not Started

Phase 4Edit

  • Amend articles on specific bloodnamed warriors. Example: Angus Labov

Not Started

Project BattleCorps NewsEdit

Mine dig the BattleCorps News articles.


Project CCGEdit

Phase 1Edit

Review cards, basic format. Try to find missing images. On-going.

  • Unit: On-going ---> F completed --> Next: Galahad (Glass Spider)
  • Command: Completed
  • Mission: Completed

Link: Category:CCG

Phase 2Edit

  • Standarization of the cards
    • Ensure order of text in card same as in image
    • Ensure text format is the same: highlights, underscore...

Phase 3Edit

  • Image work: Unlimeted/Limited issues (incorrectly assigned)

==> Help needed. I do not have all the cards of the game... I'm using some share collectible cards pages to check images... but I would love to have them all.

Project Battles standarizationEdit

I want to amend all Battles and align them. There are a lot, so I'll try to list them all here (feel free to add) and then go for the Operations (which are bigger battles and something similar has to be done).


  • Battle of Wolcott
  • Battle of Cholame‎
  • Battle of Northwind (Fourth Succession War)
  • Operation Broken Blade
  • Battle of Tukayyid
  • Battle of Luthien (Clan Invasion)
  • Battle of Radstadt
  • Operation Odysseus
  • Battle of Mars
  • Operation LIBERATION
  • Malagrotta Affair
  • Battle of Epsilon Indi
  • Operation VIJAY
  • Case White (event)
  • Battle of Luthien (Jihad)
  • Promised Land Assault
  • Novaya Zemlya Incident
  • Naval Battle over Oriente
  • Federated Suns-Chesterton Trade League Conflict
  • Capella Prime Massacre
  • Battle of Beckvern Hill

Operations: [more than one planet]

  • Deep Raid of 2987
  • Operations Ambush and Riposte
  • Operation Götterdämmerung
  • Operation RAT
  • Chain Gang Missions
  • Minnesota Tribe
  • Operation Concentrated Weakness
  • Operation Freedom
  • Fourth Succession War
  • Operation BIRD DOG
  • Operation BULLDOG
  • Burrock Absorption
  • Operation Guerrero
  • Jade Falcon Incursion (3058)
  • Jade Falcon Incursion (3064)
  • Operation Scorpion
  • Task Force Serpent
  • Red Corsair
  • Clan Invasion
  • Invasion corridor - Clan Ghost Bear
  • Invasion corridor - Clan Jade Falcon
  • Invasion corridor - Clan Nova Cat
  • Invasion corridor - Clan Smoke Jaguar
  • Invasion corridor - Clan Steel Viper
  • Invasion corridor - Clan Wolf
  • Wars of Possession
  • Hidden Wars
  • First Hidden War
  • Second Hidden War
  • Third Hidden War
  • Republic-Commonwealth War
  • Reunification War
  • Operation CHIEFTAIN
  • New Vandenberg Uprising
  • Operation EXODUS
  • Case Black
  • Case Amber
  • Amaris Civil War
  • Wars of Reaving (event)
  • Operation STEEL HAMMER
  • Operation SCOUR
  • Operation MATADOR
  • Operation ICE STORM
  • Operation BROKEN FIST
  • Victoria War
  • Operation Homecoming
  • Operation Hammerfall
  • Operation Golden Dawn
  • Fortress Republic
  • Clan Wolf Invasion of the Republic (3137)
  • Operation BATU
  • St. Johns Assault
  • Rim War
  • Principality of Rasalhague Invasion
  • Long March Offensive
  • LC/FWL Border War
  • Geralk Marik's Lyran Campaigns
  • DC-FoS Border Dispute
  • Capellan Border Occupation
  • Campaigns of Persuasion
  • Ariana's War
  • 1st Draconis Combine - Lyran Commonwealth War (2407)


  • Operation Damocles