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Bloodname ProjectEdit

Greetings again Pserratv, I am again back from the abyss and am continuing on the Clan Bloodnames as I see you are too. Do you wish to make it a project? (is make a project page for it?) as I'm sure over the last few years I and yourself haven't been the only ones getting the better idea about it. I posted this on my user page but what do you think of:

  • Bloodname Project
  • Particularly those absorbed/annihilated/abjured Clans indicate just how dead (or not) their Bloodnames are.
  • Finish any remaining tables, fix any linking issues and find refs for the narratives.
  • Taking out the tables in the Clan pages and linking them to the main List_of_Bloodnames for better control and editing function
  • Possibly create a project page, due to the scope of the entire project covering many different categories and pages
  • Link the Bloodnames to their individual pages (if created) and/or create the page using the template (that needs to be finalized)
  • Take out the little bit of narratives on the individual bloodnames in the sections parts and put them in those individual pages.
  • Category the Bloodnames to the Clans that hold them, no matter how they hold them.
  • Scour the Wiki for all the Clan Warriors of each Bloodname and add them to their individual pages (maybe....)
  • Use the Special:Concepts to assist users to understand what they are looking at
  • The idea sounds reasonable, though I've never created a Project myself, if you know how to do it, we can go for it.--Pserratv (talk) 04:10, 8 January 2021 (EST)
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