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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Vincent Mk. 42


As at 3059 the Vincent Mk. 42-class corvette Vritra was serving as the CSA Vritra within the Clan Star Adder touman. The Vritra was one of three Vincent Mk. 42-class vessels serving within the Star Adder touman at the time - the others being CSA Centaur and CSA Pegasus - and the Vritra was serving alongside the Centaur within the Alpha Naval Reserve.[1] The Vritra remained an active part of the Star Adder touman for the next decade prior to her destruction at the hands of Clan Blood Spirit.[2]

The Vritra was destroyed in the York system in 3067 when the three surviving Blood Spirit WarShips followed up on the success of the Blood Spirit attack on Arcadia in 3066 and the subsequent gains on York, launching a daring attack that isolated and destroyed the Vritra. As the Star Adders focussed on countering this most recent move, the Blood Spirits followed up on the destruction of the Vritra by launching an attack on Tathis in conjunction with their allies in Clan Fire Mandrill.[3]


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