William Perez

William Perez
Died 3059
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Galaxy Commander

William Perez (b. ???? - d. 3059) first came to the command of Clan Smoke Jaguar's Delta Galaxy in 3040. Though considered cautious outside the combat arena by his Clan peers, he constantly threw himself into battle, personally leading his troops into every conflict. His ferocious recklessness was unmatched during his Galaxy’s actions in preparing for Operation Revival.

Perez’s reputation took a huge hit when rumors about possible Warden beliefs began circulating through the Clan Council. As they gained momentum, he faced a marked increase in challenges to his position. In 3048 Perez was transferred to Kappa Galaxy as the invasion of the Inner Sphere began.[1]

Galaxy Commander Perez was killed during the diversionary attack at the Lawrence pass on Luzerne in 3059.[2]


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