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Fara Church

Farah Church
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit
Rank Khan

Fara Church (born 29?? - died ????) was a Khan of Clan Blood Spirit during the Political Century.[1]


With no details regarding the early life of Fara Church, nearly all that is known about him is drawn from his most important deeds as Khan of his Clan.

A Khan's ForesightEdit

In 2975, Fara Church was elected Khan of Clan Blood Spirit. The Great Debate was building steam, and had reached the Blood Spirits and their new Khan, who were enthusiastic about the developing Crusader philosophy. Khan Church understood that his Clan's small Touman would have to increase dramatically if they were to hope to compete for a position as one of the Invading Clans. Limited trade pacts established in the previous century with Clan Sea Fox and Clan Fire Mandrill were insufficient to build their forces with, and their landholdings limited to York and their isolated enclaves on Arcadia and Strana Mechty yielded too few resources to feed a larger-scale industrial output. And Clan Burrock was an enemy menacing their homes as ever they had been, raiding the Spirit's territories more often than any of the others.[1]

The Spirit and the RavenEdit

But Khan Church knew of one resource that the Blood Spirits had always had an over-abundance of: their WarShip fleet. Clan Snow Raven possessed a small enclave on York that they had held from earliest Clan history, and were well-known for their reliance on a powerful navy. While many of the Spirit's neighbors raided them from time to time over the years, the Snow Ravens had never violated their borders, and had never interloped on their privacy as a Clan. Khan Church decided to defy the wisdom handed down by his forebearers regarding the other Clans, and sent the Ravens a communication delivered by the newly restored office of Snow Raven ilChi.[1][2]

While the Ravens were initially surprised to see someone from the Blood Spirits approach them for any reason, they responded positively to the offer. Snow Raven Khan Ewan McCorkell had similar long-range plans, but of a different nature, and took the opportunity to work out a mutually-beneficent deal with Khan Church. Over the course of 30 years, the Blood Spirits would hand over three of their WarShips in exchange for two Galaxies of Snow Raven second-line BattleMechs. The deal was kept a secret, neither Clan wishing the rest to know of their increasing power, nor were either of them willing to let the others possibly glimpse their future plans. Starting in 2980, the final shipment of Raven 'Mechs was delivered in 3010.[1][2]


Hailing from the Church Bloodname House - which was known for their successful MechWarriors[3] - Khan Fara Church's choices helped to build the Clan Blood Spirit Touman at an incredible rate, earning him an honored place within Blood Spirit history. Though their increased strength surprised many of the other Clans as future events unfolded and exposed their growth to rival Clans, it would still not be enough to allow them to earn a slot in Operation Revival.[4]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Khan of Clan Blood Spirit

Succeeded by


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