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Fiona Kurita

Fiona Kurita
Affiliation House Kurita
Spouse Hohiro Kurita
Children Shinjiro Kurita
Vincent Kurita

Fiona Kurita (b. 3??? - d. 3???) was daughter of a prominent Luthien business family and the wife of Coordinator Hohiro Kurita.[1]


Lady Fiona Kurita was born into a prominent business family from Luthien; the eldest daughter of the family, Fiona met her future husband Hohiro Kurita at a performance of the opera La Tromba di Guerra by Guratze, performed at the Imperial Opera on Luthien. Fiona and Hohiro were married in a private ceremony in 3057 and Fiona went on to become good friends with Hohiro's sister, Omi; the two evidently helped support each other throughout the war with Clan Smoke Jaguar.[2]

When Hohiro presented his family to a selection of cultural and political figures on New Samarkand on the 25th of May 3079 and to the wider media, it was commented on that there were many similarities with to the way in which Hohiro's father Theodore had presented his own wife and family to the then-Coordinator, Takashi Kurita. At the time, Hohiro and Fiona had two sons, Shinjiro and Vincent Kurita. Fiona's relationship to the Coordinator was kept secret until the ceremony, along with the existence of their two children, due to what was claimed to be security concerns and family tradition. When Hohiro publicly revealed his marriage and the existence of his children, Shinjiro was 22 years old and Vincent was 17 years old, indicating that Shinjiro was most likely born the year of their marriage.[1][2]


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