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Shinjiro Kurita (31st c.)

Shinjiro Kurita
Born 3057
Died 3100[1]
Affiliation House Kurita
Parents Hohiro Kurita (father)
Fiona Kurita (mother)
Siblings Vincent Kurita


Shinjiro Kurita (b. 3057 - d. 3100) was the eldest son of Coordinator Hohiro and Lady Fiona Kurita.[2]


Shinjiro Kurita was the eldest son of Hohiro and Fiona Kurita. The older brother of Vincent Kurita, Shinjiro's existence and relationship to the Coordinator were kept secret until May 3079, along with the existence of the other members of Hohiro's family, due to what was claimed to be security concerns and family tradition. At the time his existence was publicly acknowledged by his father from the capital of the Draconis Combine at the time, New Samarkand, Shinjiro was 22 years old, indicating that he had been born in either 3056 or 3057, while his younger brother Vincent was 17 years old.[2] Given that Hohiro and Fiona were married in private in 3057, it is most likely that this is also the year Shinjiro was born.[3]

After his public presentation to cultural, political and media personalities on New Samarkand, it was noted that Shinjiro had already been seen in public once before with Hohiro; Shinjiro had accompanied the Draconis Combine delegation to Terra in the wake of the Jihad and had attended the funeral for General Andrew Redburn. At the time Shinjiro's true identity was revealed he was a recent graduate of the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy, and was due to be posted shortly to serve with the 1st Sword of Light.[3]

Shinjiro's brother Vincent married Lady Ramiko Nishimura in a private ceremony on the planet of Kirei Na Niwa on the 12th of May 3081. The wedding was held on the estate of Ramiko's father and was attended by a number of family members from both sides of the family; Ramiko was attended by her sisters Yukio and Akiko, while Vincent was accompanied by his brother Shinjiro and his cousin Kitsune.[4]

The media speculated after the wedding that the Coordinator was unhappy with Shinjiro because of Shinjiro's determination to concentrate on his military career, rather than settling down with a wife, in contrast with Vincent.[4]


Shinjiro was killed in a traffic accident on Niles.[1]


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